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Himalayan Pink Salt or Celtic Grey Sea Salt?

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  • Himalayan Pink Salt or Celtic Grey Sea Salt?

    Which salt is better Himalayan Pink Salt or Celtic Grey Sea Salt?

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    I'd buy whichever one's cheaper.
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      the pink salt cause it's prettier!

      but seriously. i read the pros and cons and magical abilities of each and went for pink, personal preference
      yeah you are

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        I know that pink sea salt is nice. So I'd personally try the other one.

        Whichever one you like and can afford.
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          I have the Himalayan pink, but Maldon Grey flake is my favorite. It's comparatively inexpensive and if you use it as a finishing salt, your big ole rib eye will have a nice crunch.

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            I'm partial to Real Salt, a US-based company.

            Their official website provides a comparison between Real Salt, Himalayan and Celtic.


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              Originally posted by Wieters View Post
              I'm partial to Real Salt, a US-based company.
              I have this in my kitchen right now but find I don't use it as much as it has some odd, gritty bits in it that drive me mad.

              I like himalayan, but am currently using some mediterranean sea salt flakes I brought home from Spain. When that's done, I'll probably try the Celtic just to see what it's like.

              OP, at the end of the day, you likely aren't using so much that one would offer any nutritional benefit over the other.


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                They're both fine. Mix it up and use both.
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                  `I like and use Maldon salt mainly, with some grey Breton salt at times. I love the pinks salt but it comes out of the grinder looking white like the others. So sad!


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                    i vote both. i have 5-6 different kinds of salt in my pantry.
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                      Both. Either. There are tons of salts to try. Right now I have pink because I can get it in bulk cheaper and easier than grey.
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                        Yeah, I have a variety of salt. They're all good. Don't overlook the black Hawaiian charcoal salt--it's killer on grilled meat.


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                          Celtic Grey by Selena. I contacted them and another company--would have to look up their name--that made the Himalayan. The folks at Selena were amazing!!! If for no other reason, I'd purchase from them to support such an informative and helpful company.