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only drinking green tea - good idea?

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  • only drinking green tea - good idea?

    Hi there!

    I recently switched from water to drinking green tea all day long.
    I make 5 cups of water at once, heat the water till it makes a sound and give and leave 2 bags in there till i drank the whole tea. (actually i add used bags in later teas in addition to new bags when i make a new tea at the same day)

    I guess i at maximum consume 4 bags a day this way (10 cups?), actually less.

    I don't know where to find white tea (i am from austria), primal blueprint says it's even better than green.

    Now i got aware that in green tea there is coffein. So is drinking green tea the whole day a good idea?
    Or what is best?

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    it does contain some caffiene, but it's not all that much - even in the large quantity you're drinking, it's probably fine. i sleep like a rock & drink all sorts of tea, herbal through the various greens, whites, & blacks. if you're reusing the bags, you've actually already removed the caffiene.
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      I drink massive quantities of green tea every day while I work. Green tea has lots antioxidants and so as long as you're not sweetening it with anything it's a healthy thing to do.


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        Green tea has roughly half the caffeine of black tea, which has roughly half the caffeine of coffee. So drinking 4 cups of green tea every day is the caffeine equivalent of drinking a cup of coffee. Honestly, I wouldn't replace water with green tea, but if you feel the need for a hot, stimulating beverage, and you feel like choosing green tea over coffee, that's not a bad thing to do. White tea has less caffeine.


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          I drink about the same amount of green tea when I'm at work. At home, I pretty much only drink water. It works just fine for me.

          Two things though. I'd recommend not leaving the bags in the water. The longer you steep the tea, the more bitter it becomes. Also, once you try good, loose tea, you'll realize the tea in the bags is the crappy leftovers after the good stuff is sold .

          I shop at a wholesale place, and I get organic Sri Lankan loose green tea for $10.39/lb. A quarter pound ($2.50 or so) lasts a couple weeks for me.
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