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Southern California Cowpool (Inspired by NorCal thread)

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  • Southern California Cowpool (Inspired by NorCal thread)

    I'm debating ordering a quarter cow online, but would much rather find a local source, and people who would be interested in going in together. I'm completely new to this aside from reading about it here.

    Even if you're not interested in participating, if you have advice or good experiences on different farms in the Southern California area that offer this, that would be great. Thanks!


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    I'm in Mission Viejo , I would be intrested.


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      I was hoping for some suggestions on where to go and what not, but if nothing else we could split a half cow from online? I was looking at based on recommendations I saw here. It comes to 5.95/lb delivered for a half cow.

      I'm in Riverside, so we're pretty close.


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        Mike, you're right in my neck of the woods. I can't afford to do this yet, but next time you go in on a cow, I should be in a better position to buy a quarter. Let me know.
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          Have you checked's California page? There were atleast a few on there that I saw and dismissed while looking for something more North... Also, weirdly enough, craigslist sometimes'll have good stuff... (not the random people selling stuff outta their freezer, but those that are just using it as a place to attract customers)


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            I live in San diego and would be interested! just have to make sure it is from a good source and grass finished beef!


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              How much are we talking about? I mean, how much meat and how much storage place I need? And $?


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                I have been eyeing this site for a bit. You have to drive to their pick-up site in Santa Barbara however. Still, it might be worth the drive once in a while.

                I would be interested in cowpooling and carpooling on this one


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                  I looked around a bit for local farms, but I haven't found anything that compares to the 5.95/lb at Slanker's. I don't think I can convince the wife to go for more per pound than that unfortunately.

                  etomaria, I'll take a look at craigslist, thanks for the idea


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                    Etomaria, craigslist looks like a win! There are 2 that look promising and come in less than the online option. I'm e-mailing to double check that they are grass finished as well as fed. One ranch is in Yucaipa, and the other in Temecula.

                    The price seems too good to be true honestly. $1,250 for a full cow = 650 lbs of meat table ready. Comes to under $2/lb. Could that be possible? That would be amazing.

                    If anyone is still interested please e-mail me so we can communicate a little better.

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                      Oooh! Your prices are better than mine!! I don't think it's necessarily too good to be true... I found one in the area for 3.15/lb, unfortunately I missed their window for ordering... great price tho, I'm jealous!


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                        really? That's very encouraging! They still haven't replied to my e-mail asking if the cows are 100% grass fed and finished; hopefully they will soon. Maybe I should have led off with a different question, or asked for a phone number or something.

                        I'll be super stoked if they turn out to be legit.


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                          We drove out and met the guy, seems to be legit. He's very nice, and seems genuine. We picked out our cow and paid, will be picking up the meat later this week. Thanks again for the heads up about craigslist, that was huge.


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                            ...maybe I'll just make the drive, that's way inexpensive! Good deal! Glad I could help ))


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                              If you all are ever interested in getting some really high quality beef in Southern California we deliver our Dry Aged truly Grassfed Beef to Pasadena once a year in addition to pasture raised chickens. Here is a video tour of our farm YouTube - Innovation Bears Fruit for Family Farm .

                              And then here is the information on how to order if anyone is interested:
                              Grassfed Beef & Pastured Chicken Order Forms