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Whys Does Non-Fat Yogurt and Dairy Have Far More Protein Than Full Fat?

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  • Whys Does Non-Fat Yogurt and Dairy Have Far More Protein Than Full Fat?

    Just curious why non-fat yogurt and dairy have far more protein than full fat? I sometimes choose non fat greek yogurt and add in some coconut cream or coconut oil to get the fat because I get more protein from the low/no fat versions.. Thoughts?

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    The same reason skim milk normally has more protein than full fat milk. Since the fat is removed, they add more protein to give it more substance.


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      I figure you can only cram so many grams of "stuff" into a given volume of a food, so that if the water content stays the same and the fat goes up, then the carbs and/or protein goes down, and vice-versa.


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        Thanks John.... So is it a bad thing to get the nonfat and add fat? Or is it "6 of one and a half dozen of the other" to add protein to full fat? Does it really matter the dairy version if your nutrients end up the same?


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          It would probably be best to avoid the nonfat/lowfat versions of milk products because they add powdered milk to it to make it less watery. Powdered milk has been dehydrated at high temperatures, oxidizing the cholesterol in it. Oxidized choelsterol is definitely bad news for your arteries. Better to stick to full fat versions of milk products if you are going to eat dairy. They dont sell true skim milk anymore. I remember back in the 70's it used to be kind of blue colored - very different looking from regular milk. Now with the added nonfat milk powder, it looks white and has the same consistency as full fat milk. Get your extra protein if you need it from other real, unadulterated foods.


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            That makes a lot of sense Barb.. Thanks for the thoughts! I didnt realize they added things to low fat dairy products...