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  • I need help!

    I have been trying to work over my parents into eating primal. They have suddenly became interested due to a close friend passing away at 57 yrs old due to a heart attack.

    My mom says that since they both have false teeth and she has digestion issues that they can only eat meat in a food processor. I have seen them eat burgers and brats no problem. I think she is just trying to be difficult. Is there any studies or personal stories that I can share to help them.


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    My grandparents eat steaks with their false teeth all the time. And my grandmother likes hers cooked medium-well, even, so it's not like it's soft.

    But if it's the digestive issues... ask them about the ground meat, since you've seen them eat burgers. Let them know that while people following this plan tend to eat huge steaks and rip into roasted chickens with their bare hands, it's also perfectly acceptable to eat only ground meats. If they can't find good quality meat that's already ground, you can get a butcher (even at a typical grocery store) to grind whatever you want. They can eat ground pork, ground poultry, ground beef, sausage with ingredients that are primal... can you grind liver or heart?... ground bacon wouldn't really work, but you could just chop it really small. =] There are a ton of things you can make with ground meat... soups and stews, curries, chili, various casseroles, lasagna with eggplant or zucchini "noodles"... I could go on and on, I love ground beef and use it all the time.
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      Originally posted by mayness View Post
      can you grind liver or heart?
      Yes. Braunschweiger is ground beef and liver sausage
      Head cheese often contains pieces of heart as well as pieces of the head and tongue
      Liverwurst can have all kinds of organs in it.

      Check out US Wellness meats. They have all kinds of organ-packed sausages.


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        One WAPF-er blogger I read grinds up 25% heart into all her ground beef. It tastes beefier and it puts more nutrition into the otherwise-plain muscle meat. Just make sure they're getting ground beef with plenty of fat (which makes it more tender to eat anyway). A food processor is actually a reasonable substitute for a meat grinder, provided you pulse the meat, rather than processing it into go. You can process it raw and then cook it up with whatever else you want.

        I also will chop a chicken liver really finely and put it in with my meatloaf mix.


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          It does take awhile for anyone to figure out how to incorporate more meat and fat into our diets when we first start on PB. Tell them it is a new adventure and lets see how many things we can dream up new for dinner. Do they use the internet? Get them interested in this site. They are probably my age anyway. There are lots of us "old fogeys" out here in PB land.


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            Chicken, fish and seafood are all softer, why not start there? Throw in some ground beef and they should be off and running in no time. A nice rare steak is almost as soft as you can get, so I wouldn't see a problem with their false teeth. Any step towards a primal life is a step in the right direction.


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              I gotta admit, I floss the crap out of my teeth these days since going primal. Especially after eating any pork.

              And yes I think 25% heart in ground beef is super yummy. (Which reminds me...