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Thanksgiving Venison! Help!

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  • Thanksgiving Venison! Help!

    My uncle is bringing venison to me as a Thanksgiving "gift," if you will. I love venison and I can't wait to have my hands on some delicious, wild, "none of the bad stuff," meat. However, I've never prepared it myself. I'm not sure what cut he'll be bringing. Would LOVE any ideas of your favorite ways to prepare venison! Thanks!!

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    Just found out its tenderloin.


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      Excellent , cooked a kilo of that Sunday.
      Most be kept medium rare !!!
      For mine it was 1.1kg, I halved it , lunch & dinner. Anyway ...
      Seasoned with salt , then sealed it on high heat in oven proof pan pan with some butter , added rosemary little garlic , little more butter then in oven @ 180c for about 10-13 mins , tested with dig probe , 54c perfect rested then raised to 61c in 10mins .
      Carve thinly

      From London England UK


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        Lucky you! That is certainly nice of him. Many consider the tenderloin the best part.

        I agree. If it's tenderloin, it's best if medium rare (or cooler). I've actually only ever had venison tenderloin prepared by my grandfather. He cut it into 1/4" thick slices, breaded, and fried it. If I had some to cook, I would probably treat it like filet mignon. A quick sear over high heat and maybe serve with a nice sauce. Steak au piovre style maybe.


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          I like to wrap them in bacon and roast them off as suggested. Medium rare with perfect bacon outside. Seasoned with salt and pepper.


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            Thanks everyone!!