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Repairvite diet anyone?

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  • Repairvite diet anyone?

    I'm on day 9 of a digestive cleanse called Repairvite. Its a strict elimination diet paired with supplementS to heal the gut. I'm noticing no improvements at all for the things that led my naturopath to suggest the cleanse (anxiety, eczema and/or psoriasis). I'm also running out of ideas of things to eat, so I'm not eating enough and starting to feel lethargic.

    Anyone else done this cleanse? Any advice for foods to eat? Any hopeful stories to help me keep going? Feels a little bit torturous today.

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    There is a facebook page titled 'surviving the repairvite diet'.. good luck


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      In 9 days, you probably won't notice a big difference in anything, assuming it's working. At least 30 would be ideal.

      You might want to check out something like the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, It might be easier to find more food options that way.
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        I hate to say it but people here generally eat for health and weird cleanses generally aint it. I suffer from all those issues you listed and other than a much reduced case of anxiety disorder, all are gone. Are you eating paleo? AI version of paleo or the scd version offers loads of choice.

        You are clearly not doing yourself any favours by not eating enough food. If you are severely restricting your food choices as well, my best advice is dont.

        Stick to meat veggies and fats for a few months and see if your issues dont clear up. And make sure you eat enough.
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          Everything takes more than 9 days.

          Honestly, my husband has all kinds of things that he's working through with his naturopath. He's seen amazing improvement. He's still working through various protocols. He's on year 3.

          You're on day 9. Chill out.


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            Yeah I've been eating primal for a long time (6+ months) and still suffering from horrible anxiety and skin rashes. I'm not trying some fad cleanse for fun.

            I'll "chill out" now, thanks for the support.


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              I get's hard to be patient with anxiety! I don't have any suggestions for the food, but I do hope you find some respite from your problems. I used to have crippling anxiety. Avoiding stimulation (tv, crowded places, etc) and keeping my blood sugar balanced are key for me.


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                I wish you luck on improvement with your skin. Ive had psoriasis for 10 years, and the last three months of elimination of fodmaps and other digestion upsetting foods hasnt helped. I eat all organic produce and grass fed beef and still the psoriasis prevails. All we can do is continue to eat healthy, because reverting to the SAD certainly wont help. Stay patient, embrace your conditions and the lessons they teach us. I know psoriasis can really hurt self esteem, but it keeps me humble. Im pretty "cocky" in many respects, but psoriasis is an everyday reminder to myself that no one is perfect, and we all struggle. Be patient, experiment, and keep hope! Let me know how it goes for you!

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                  Originally posted by Lisasaurus View Post
                  Yeah I've been eating primal for a long time (6+ months) and still suffering from horrible anxiety and skin rashes. I'm not trying some fad cleanse for fun.

                  I'll "chill out" now, thanks for the support.
                  I hear ya! Warmbear is not fully informed.
                  I am a crossfitter of 3 years, I eat 90% paleo, and I have Hashimotos disease.
                  I'm healthy and informed, yet stress is not always easy to a avoid. Gluten is not always easy to avoid also. Leaky gut is a big problem that so often goes undetected.
                  I've been dabbling with the repairvite protocol for a while.
                  I struggle to stay committed. I have clients (massage) who have followed the Repairvite protocol for 60 days and had amazing results. Stick with it! Get creative. And for all I know you've completed a cycle. This is not a recent thread. I just happened across it.
                  Best wishes!