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How did the primal lifestyle cure profuse sweating

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  • How did the primal lifestyle cure profuse sweating

    I've posted this question on another similar forum and obtain lots of good information about athletic performance but didn't recieve an anwer to the question.

    As a competitive cyclist I tend to sweat alot. When I first switched to the primal lifestyle I found that my athletic performance on the bike suffered. With 20 minutes of beginning a ride, I was sweating profusely, with sweat dripping from me and the constant need to use a sweat band. Since then I did some trials to measure my carbohydrate reliance and somehow seem to have cured the sweating issue.

    Trial 1 - Riding with sugar in water bottles (no other carbs). Performance suffered dramatically. Aerobic ability was limited to two hours (complete bonking). Anaerobic ability was poor, any stints of how speed work further limited cycling time and produced earlier bonking.

    Trial 2 - Riding with sugar in water bottles and consuming dried apricots. Performace was slightly better. Aerobic ability improved with muscular pain but no bonking at the two hour mark. Anaerobic ability was slightlybetter. I think this trial proved that the extra calories were assisting in protecting glycogen stores.

    Trial 3 - Riding with no calories from carbs within waterbottles. Performance was increased dramatically. Aerobic ability continued up to the 150 minutes mark with slight muscular soreness but no bonking. Anaerobic activity had minimal effect on muscular wear at 150 minute mark.

    I think this proved that the calories consumed were producing adequate insulin spikes to disable the use of fats as an energy source. I also believe that the limit to my endurance has suffered due to be unable to complete long rides since going primal. The thing I find interesting is that since removing the carbohydrate calories from my waterbottles the sweating stopped immediately. This alone has produced a dramatic increase in endurance ability with less reliance on waterbottles.

    How did these changes cure profuse sweating?????

    P.S There's no need to supply links about super starch - I've ordered some already.

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    Interesting observation there. I never sweated much during sports but I used to absolutely SOAK the bed sheets overnight. Since going Primal that has stopped but I had just attributed it to eating better quality food.
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      Since no one has posted a possible answer to the question of how primal lifestyle cured profuse sweating - I'd like to put forward a possible answer. Please comment if you agree, think it's unlikely or can outline a different mechanism.

      I believe the profuse sweating was caused by hypoglycemia. Insulin spikes because of concumption of simple sugars contained within the waterbottles were disabling use of fats. Because of the sole reliance on sugar/glycogen, hypoglycemia was quickly achieved.

      Comments please.