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  • Breakfast

    So what does everyone have for breakfast? I get bored with the same thing every morning, tho I do love bacon!!
    Please don't say left overs!!!!

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    My breakfasts don't look much different than other meals! I don't eat eggs so I often have ground meat hash of sorts with turnip, greens and coconut butter. If I'm craving more of a "traditional" breakfast I may mix some ground chia seeds with raw hemp protein, fruit, nuts and some hot coconut milk to make a "porridge". I know most folks eat lots of morning egg dishes


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      Sometimes I have:
      chicken breast and sweet potatoes with mustard and sriracha
      pork tenderloin in pig's feet jelly with sweet potatoes and mustard
      scrambled eggs
      sometimes after the scrambled eggs I'll make a banana/protein powder/almond butter/egg white microwave mug cake
      3 fried egg whites with leftover meat from dinner and put the egg yolks in my coffee
      meat, chicken or fish with riced cauliflower and carrots and sriracha
      half a banana and instant coffee in a protein powder shake a few hours before any of the above
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        Following my general rule of thumb, which is that everything "they" told us about health for the last 30+ years is a lie, I figure breakfast is the least important meal of the day.

        That said, for folks that do like breakfast, anything you can eat for any other meal, you can eat for breakfast.
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          I just put a brisket on my smoker.....should be done for breakfast in the morning

          Oh, and just found a new local roaster for coffee... gonna make some of that for sure as well.


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            Chocolate banana pancakes: Blend one banana, 1T cocoa powder, two eggs, vanilla essence. Melt butter in a small frypan, pour in the mixture, cook gently till almost set, slide onto plate then flip back into the pan to cook the other side. Makes two.

            Omelette: Stirfry two mushrooms and a leaf of silver beet, beat two eggs with a splash of milk or cream, season with salt and pepper. Pour over the veges and cook till almost set. Sprinkle with grated cheese and finish under the grill.

            Hash browns: Stir a beaten egg through some mashed potato, form into patties and pan fry in butter.
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              I go through periods of food obsession. For example right now I am making 1/2 gallon of yogurt each week so I eat a lot of that.
              Random stuff I put in my yogurt when I feel like it:
              Thawed frozen fruit, diced apple, bananas, berries
              Honey, preserves (when I had a farmers market a lady made the best, chunkiest, creatively flavored butters and jams. Gah I miss it) recommended only a little, and after your body has adjusted to a lower, more moderate sugar intake. I use these as treats
              Cinnamon, chocolate
              Any combination of the above
              I've gone literally months eating different frittatas every weekday (I often skipped on weekends). Some of my favorites were broccoli or zucchini, bacon, and Romano, spinach and feta, and pork and greens. I cooked the meats if there were any in plenty of butter and then just poured over the other ingredients and beaten eggs. Never stuck and I have steel pans.

              I've also gone through a OMGNOMOAREGGS stage where I ate cold leftover roast chicken and sweet potatoes, cold hamburgers, avocado, ground beef and greens, or canned fish.

              Now that I don't have a kitchen, I've had to simplify my breakfasts. Some days it's just an apple or piece of fruit, sometimes with a hunk of cheese. When I've eaten through the yogurt, I'll scramble or poach some eggs in the microwave.

              If I have somehow gotten through a quart of strained yogurt and all or most of my eggs, I'll get a little more creative and make the cauliflower grits from Mark's cookbook (puréed cooked cauliflower, butter, salt) and treat it just like grits (with cheese, poached egg, sausage, or shrimp, puréed cooked pumpkin, or some dried fruits and nuts if I ever have any around). I will occasionally make some primal treats like banana or pumpkin muffins.

              Here's a website I stumbled across awhile back, 80 breakfast ideas:
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                I rarely like to cook in the morning, so on the rare mornings im hungry its usually left over dinner with coffee, hardboiled eggs with siracha a banana and coffee or a few cans of sardines with coffee. Usually its just coffee tho and i cook a huge breakfast/lunch when I wake up a bit.

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                  I just made egg muffins for the week which consisted off eggs, homemade sausage, and a little potatoes o'brien. Other times I have a slice of meat, cheese and a piece of fruit or yogurt. Other times I eat leftovers. When I feel like a treat I have a hazelnut tapioca waffle with butter and maple syrup.

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                    I get up at 4 45 in the A.M. and am out the door by 5 20 A.M. who has time for breakfast? I eat around noon with a sample of last nights leftovers. My big meal is supper. Mind you I have been doing this for a few years now so what I do may not work for a newbie.

                    Breakfast should be mostly protein and fats so you dont break your fast with an insulin burst after being on fat burning mode all night though How you assemble that is up to you. I liked boiled eggs and herring or sardines with spicy salsa for mornings.
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                      I have two scrambled eggs with 1/2 - 1 TBSP Virgin Coconut Oil centrifuged and a couple fish oil capsules every day. 3 times a week, Mon, Wed, Fri I use 1/2 - 1 TBSP Unsalted Kerrygold grass fed butter instead of the coconut oil. I try not to take in more butter than that to keep my omega 6 low.
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                        Bacon and eggs, steak and eggs, lamb and eggs, sausage and eggs, nothing, or my favorite, Bulletproof Coffee!

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                          Marks coffee and eggs in one is actually really good. I eat like 6 eggs a day anyhow, but for those looking to add some nutrionally dense foods (i.e. egg yolk) this is a winner!


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                            I figured most people eat the same bowl of cereal every morning and don't get bored so I can do the same with my breakfast.

                            Saturday - depends. Usually some sweet potato pancakes or omlets or something.
                            Sundays - we eat at the local greasy spoon that has very good breakfasts. They know us as the 'no bread' family.

                            During the week, I usually alternate bacon and eggs and protein 'pancakes':

                            Heat up an omelet pan.

                            In a shaker bottle
                            2 eggs
                            1/2 (or a little less) scoop of vanilla protein powder
                            cinnamon to taste(~1/4 tsp)
                            a little water to thin it a little (or milk if you do any dairy)

                            Shake. Shake some more. Melt some leftover bacon grease in the pan. Pour the mix and cover.

                            Wait for it to puff up quite a bit (it helps to have a glass lid). Remove cover and practice your flipping skills to flip the pancake. A minute more on the other side and enjoy.

                            Great with sliced strawberries or blueberries. Also good smothered with some almond flower although I'm cutting back on the nuts some.

                            You can leave out the cinnamon to make them vanilla.
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                              Not sure if you allow a decent amount of carbs but if you do...

                              2 ingredient breakfast porridge. Add coconut milk, vanilla, and coconut flakes/chopped nuts if desired. 4 bananas makes a big bowl.

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