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IF and stomach won't stop growling

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  • IF and stomach won't stop growling

    I have been doing for 3 months now, and after the first 2 weeks, haven't had any weight loss whatsoever. I do have better performance in crossfit, and have less migraines - so its worth it.

    I was reading some IF posts, so this week I started doing 16 hour IF's. My problem is the hunger towards the end is accompanied by very loud growls as well... I know its mental, but it adds to the "OMG get me some food" thoughts.

    I am chubby, and although I doubt I am still at a 35% BF that I was a year ago, I still have about 25 pounds to lose. I was at 210+ and down to 175 now. I have only lost 7 of those on the PB - and I am very intense with my crossfit. Actually now re-reading - i don't know what I am - upper chest, shoulders, and arms are great.. but the belly... am I chubby? stocky? athletic stocky? average? gosh - no frickin' clue...

    Any thoughts about the IF experience?

    PS - when going to the leangains website, i found it more than confusing just to find anything more than the basic rules of a 8 hour feed window. One link to me to a long long page that ended with a ebook - is that what I want to buy and read??

    thanks everyone - i love reading everyone's posts - they are very encouraging!

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    I find my tummy a bit growly too, but after the first few times I don't seem so hungry.
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      IFing does take some getting used to. When I first started doing it, I found that I was worried that I would start feeling hungrier that I was at any moment. So, me thinking that I should be getting famished and needed to eat drove my thoughts a little. That doesn't happen anymore. Now, I understand my body only needs to be fed once or twice a day. I know that I can get plenty of nutrients eating that way and I don't get grumpy or irritable while I'm IFing.
      This days during the week I'm pretty much doing the warrior plan or the fast five. Warrior is just eating once a day (dinner usually) and fast five is having a five hour eating window. I do fast five but doing the standard warrior then added a second meal later in the evening.
      In my opinion if you eat VLC and combine that with a good fasting plan your body really won't be able to hang on to much extra fat. It just takes a while to figure out what works well for you.
      Hope that helps and happy IFing.


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        Oh I do notice tummy growls from time to time when I'm IFing but I've notice that my tummy also growls frequently when I'm not IFing. I don't really listen to my tummy growls anymore. They tend to give bad advice.


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          i did my first 16 hour IF today and my tummy was growling loudly! that's the first time i've noticed audible tummy growls in quite a while. i made it through and held out til lunch but was very hungry. i expect it to get easier (i.e. me being less hungry). i drank herbal tea, coffee, and water to try and quite the tummy. but, lunch was super delicious and i was really excited about eating. not the usual response to lunch time.
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            I get to break it in 10 minutes... but the free lunch at my job (some days...) doesn't start for 70 minutes... ugh!

            On a lighter note - In regard to the trying to figure out what i am (stocky, chubby, average)... explanation - it came to mind since i just joined (yes...single) and it asks you to put in something... i'm clueless.. oy.

            alexa85: yay! i now have someone testing the waters with me...

            daemonized: 5 hours? how do you get in enough calories - are you stuffed after your only meal?


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              I did my first IF this morning. 16 hours and I couldn't wait for lunch, which didn't fill me up like I hoped it would.

              BTW - works. Good friend of mine met his wife there, they have two kids now.


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                Five hours seems to work just fine. I don't eat a huge meal for my dinner and I'm satisfied but not stuff after my second meal. My second meal tends to be bacon and eggs and I could live off of them.
                I get enough calories but planning healthy meals that have what nutrients that I'll need for the day. My main concern is to make sure that my protein needs are met. When I first started IFing I would make huge BAS (VBAS I guess that would be) and I would be stuff afterward. I've since learned to just have my usual BAS and that going large isn't necessary. These days, I'm forgoing the BAS for more carnivorous meals.