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Reevaluation and the slippery slope...

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  • Reevaluation and the slippery slope...

    I've been pretty much primal, some on and off, for a little over two years now. I noticed one thing about a year in. I hadn't been sick for almost an entire year. As someone who suffered from almost chronic tonsillitis, sore throat, and upper respiratory infections my whole life, this hit me hard. In fact, just earlier that year, I'd had three bouts with sore throat that made my doctors almost consider removing my tonsils.

    For about the past two or three months I slowly rode the spiral down from diet. I'm in CrossFit now, and also pretty dedicated to mobility and moving frequently at a slow pace. I knew, logically, the only thing keeping me from the abs (I'm female, and at about 20% body fat right now, so pretty close), was the more and more frequent "cheat" days, the "Oh, rice isn't THAT bad for you" pad thai days, and the, well if I order a pizza every weekend, that's my 20%. Well my 80-20, before I knew it, had become more like 20-80. I've always drank wine and liquor, with some beer, even when "mostly hardcore" primal, and considered that my 20%, but now I'd thrown in junk food too. And it was becoming more frequent.

    This past Tuesday, I came down with a bad cold, hard. I woke up at 2 in the morning feeling horrific, struggled in to work, got sent home early, and definitely could not work out. It hit me like a ton of bricks. For the first time in two years, I was SICK. And the only thing that had changed in my life was my diet. Not the alcohol, not the working out, not the sleeping. Just the food. For lunch that day, I ate some pho, no rice noodles. For dinner I roasted up some Brussels sprouts and made a homemade dressing for some kale my friend had given me from her garden. The next morning I felt a little better. I had eggs and veggies for breakfast, a Big Ass Salad for lunch, and then made some primal Texas chili for dinner. The next day was a repeat. By Thursday afternoon I felt well enough to go back to CrossFit and did. I took it easy, but still worked, and was back hitting it hard today. I won't stray past 80-20 ever again.

    Bottom line, to any new people reading this, and any people starting the slippery slide... Food matters most. Moving is right after that, along with sleep. I recovered from this faster than I ever have in my life. I'm usually down a week, this time, I was down two days, and the improvement was almost instant the day I went stricter with food. Food matters.
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    Good reminder!


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      I know exactly what you mean! I used to be like 90/10 and it was awesome! I was actually a little underweight though, so I eased up a bit due to everyone saying I needed to gain weight (which I did) but I was over all happy with my body and was doing a lot of lifting and heading in the right direction. The little bit turned into a lot though and I'm totally off the wagon now, up 20# and something like 5% bodyfat! I was really proud of my leanness I gotta say, but my goal is to get it back together and stay 80/20 with 20 being more primal oriented. I feel like I'm throwing my once fantastic health away and I want to turn it around SO badly. A word of warning to anyone else though, be extremely careful with sugar. Especially when youre off it for so long. Even if its your 20%, dont let it stray from that 20 b/c that shit's addictive and I thing that drug like affect is amplified when you've already been clean of it for a while.


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        So true. I have my first cold right now (and it's a bad one - over 4 weeks now of being quite sick) in almost the entire three years since going paleo. Rice is my gateway drug. I don't react that badly too it, and suddenly I'm having it every day. Dairy too. I love it, but it really adds up quickly.

        I am sure it is just a coincidence for me, but it sure makes me wary of straying too far from primal guidelines.
        Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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          I was really sliding as well, and so I did a Whole 30 to get back on track. It's much more regimented than regular primal, but I found the structure and accountability really helped reel me in. Now I'm back to basic primal and will more than likely need another W30 at the new year. The health benefits and improved quality of life from living primal are wonderful, and slipping down that slope really affects how you feel.


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            Chaser, great story with a good reminder to us all. I'm glad you're feeling better so quickly.
            Annie Ups the Ante


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              That's why I practice the 100% rule.

              You see a lot of slippery slope on this forum. Oh maybe a bunch of sweet potatoes aren't so bad, well then maybe some bread now and then isn't so bad, insulin spikes aren't that bad, maybe a bunch of fruit is a good thing, then wammo in no time they are right back where they started.

              My wife did it. Being Asian she decided to add back brown rice, next fruit, next next next. Today she was eating a Coke Zero, bag of chips, box of cookies and a whole stack of fruit. LOL. I explained to her what had happened; she had rationalized and found a route back to sugar addiction.

              She was like "ohhh…that's right".