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Anyone read Grain Brain?

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  • Anyone read Grain Brain?

    Has anyone read Grain Brain by Perlmutter? I am curious to know what its all about in detail, anyone want to summarize? Worth it to buy?

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    I am reading it right now. I am only on Chapter 3 but I am enjoying it. For those of us already not eating grains we already know how it affects us but it more in depth info. I think it is similar to Wheat Belly.

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      I'm reading it a few pages at a time. I think he may be a bit partisan and too quick to blame everything on gluten but it is an interesting perspective and there is quite a bit of research to back up what he's saying. I'm not a neurologist...he is!
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        I read it. It's definitely not bad... pretty similar to Wheat Belly but with more of an emphasis on brain health. He advocates a very low carb diet, which may or may not suit you. It's worth buying I think.
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          There is another long thread on it, suggest you search instead of a rehash.


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            Great new book out! GRAIN BRAIN by Dr. David Perlmutter thread