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Priming for a succesful fast?

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  • Priming for a succesful fast?

    I was just wondering if there were any IF vets out there who had any pre-fast tips to have a more manageable fast. I am trying to incorporate it, as after a few months my weight is starting to creep back up. So far, my results have varied widely to easily accomplished 18 hour fasts, to horrific failures by 6 hours. i am trying to figure out the precursors to this variance

    so far, my ideas for successful IF are

    - consistent sleep schedule in days prior
    - last fasting meal - fatty fish

    any other thoughts?

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    I did my first IF last night and into today. It was 18 hours. How it happened was I ate a lot of fish for dinner and then just wasn't hungry, so I decided to IF. I had talapia fish sticks (talapia rolled in almond flower and dill and fried in olive oil). So that would be my suggestion, but it seems that you already eat fish before you IF anyway..


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      I really never put much thought into it. When I fast I skip breakfast, if I am hungry I eat lunch, if not I skip lunch. If I want a big dinner I eat it, but if I am still not hungry I'll either eat something small or skip dinner and keep going. My best advice to to plan your fast on a day when you know you will be busy. The more I have to accomplish the longer my fast and the less I think about eating. If I plan a fast on a lazy Saturday I'll eat before 10:00am.
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