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Is there a good bacon without sugar?

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    Originally posted by MarkChopper View Post
    You think eating a ton of bacon is healthy? The PUFA in bacon is much more detrimental then a few grams of sugar could ever be, even to diabetics. Alcoholics have a mental disorder, its probably similar to what orthorexics and people who are "addicted" to foods deal with.
    One who said eating tons of bacon, two who said alcoholics I said those that choose to abstain from alcohol, three this is about refined sugar if someone doesn't want to eat refined sugar that does not make them mentally ill that means they don't want refined sugar. Period.
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      Originally posted by eats.meats.west View Post
      I've been buying the belly and roasting or smoking it. I don't do a long cure as I don't think it is needed. It doesn't taste the same as store bought bacon, it is just a lot better. It is dangerous because you want to eat thousands of calories at one sitting as the fat makes it slide down your throat.
      I'm with you on making "bacon" without actually going through the cure process (so technically its not bacon). I use a dry rub overnight on the fresh belly and smoke it on the grill over a pan of water until 160F, then chill it and slice with a deli slicer. It is so much better than commercial bacon I could never go back. My only problem is sourcing the fresh pork belly. The only place I have been able to find it is at whole foods, where it is expensive and of variable sizes. Like some of the bellys are shaped that they would make inappropriately skinny bacon slices. But I really think the taste is better because you can actually taste the pork instead of salty curing compounds.


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        Originally posted by youtacolot View Post
        But I really think the taste is better because you can actually taste the pork instead of salty curing compounds.
        Heh the salty curing compounds is the only reason I eat bacon.
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          I am getting a little frustrated here...

          It is my belief that every "body" is different and that each of our bodies is the result of many, many years of various experiences, thoughts and habits.

          You can debate the science until the end of time (and you just might), but I think there is nothing as beautiful as listening to your own body. In fact, that's what led me to primal.

          I asked a question about sugar-free bacon for my own, personal reason. I got some great answers. When it turns into seven pages of opinions (and even judgments in some cases), however, it reminds me why I've not been hanging out here so much lately.

          I wanted some bacon to sprinkle into a broccoli salad. Oh, and I don't eat white sugar (or most other forms of sugar). That's my conscious choice and I enjoy the (positive) consequence of that choice.

          Funny, how so many people formed an opinion of me and others over some bacon sprinkles sans sugar.



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            ^ +1
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              I don't know if you can do this elsewhere but I can go to the butcher shop and buy what they call "sliced pork"; something like that. It's bacon that hasn't been cured or smoked. It's usually frozen. I'm the only one in the family that likes it but it tastes more like Canadian fatty bacon.
              Would I be putting a grain-feed cow on a fad diet if I took it out of the feedlot and put it on pasture eating the grass nature intended?


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                One of my local markets filled an entire refrigerated case with products from this company, one of which was bacon without sugar. I passed by that food every week for a month and it didn't look like anyone bought any of it. Then it went into the freezer section where it sat for six months before becoming MIA. It was high priced and people didn't go for it. Several online sources exist if you don't want to make your own.


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                  Originally posted by ryanmercer View Post
                  So do diabetics have eating disorders? Crap comments like yours don't contribute to the community. The OP doesn't want sugar in their bacon, they don't have a damn eating disorder they JUST DON'T WANT TO CONSUME REFINED SUGAR. By your logic people that abstain from alcohol have eating disorders.
                  Haha. What a terrible comparison.

                  I just checked the nutritional info for Honey cured bacon. Turns out it has a whopping 0.8 grams of sugar per 400 calories of bacon. That's about 3 calories. 3 EMPTY CALORIES! I'd be more worried about the large dosing of AA and whatever other nasty things that pork can contain.
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