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    Hi there!
    It's now the fourth week that I feel like I cannot stop eating. I shifted my training a bit from mainly cardio to YAYOG and circuit training, working out five to six times per week about an hour, doing yoga, stretching or light cardio on rest day(s). I'm active in my daily life, doing the shopping by bike or foot, going for walks, doing housework and sorting out old stuff. So besides my job (I can stand up, walk around, I'm hardly sitting during the seven hours at work) I'm active for 2h/day. I do eat carbs, sometimes more sometimes less (belonging to my training and physical feeling, cycle) to keep up my digestion which would get worse if I completely delete carbs from my menu - I tried and played around. I would say that I eat aboout 2500 calories per day (in average during the week), mostly clean and orgnanic. Isn't that too much calories for: female, 32yo, 5'5, round about 119 lbs.
    I gained a little weight during the last two weeks (2lbs), bodyfat has't changed (due to my scale, which might be not that exact but gives me a direction), circumference of my middle stayed quite the same...I don't want to gain wait but I feel like "needing" the energy. Or is it just a psychological matter and I should eat less?! Maybe I've lost a bit of my discipline?! Don't eat junk food, try to avoid processed food. Familiy says I'm orthorectic.
    Just give me a hint! I would really appreciate if you'd share your thoughts with me! THANK YOU!

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    eat eat eat

    Stop with the cardio. That makes me super hungry.
    Or just stop overtraining in general. 5-6 days a week with nary a real rest day in sight is not good. Light cardio on rest day is not good.

    You should do more strength and cut cardio way back, if not totally eliminate it.

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      So, let me see... you eat clean and organic food in a cheerful quantity without gaining inches. What's the problem, again?

      Look, a 10th century nun had an allocation of 4,700+ calories. The caloric restrictions are only needed for people who are gaining fat, in other words their appetite is out of proportion to their needs.

      If you are happy with your body, eat and enjoy. And remember that you are an envy of plenty of people who can't do just that.
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        Thank you for your opinions! I'll do some cardio but the intervall version. Turquiosepassion, you maybe right, cardio seems to make me hungry. On the other hand it's a relaxing way to forget stress and free my mind. I'll look for an alternative.
        Leida, deep down inside I hope you' re right, but I cannot trust in me and my current eating habits, I'm afraid that eating "so much" fires back. I get too used to bad habits...or rather to a too healthy appetite...I mentioned in another thread that I want to become an intuitive eater and it is said that due to that my eating habits are normal right now and my body will find it's balance. After years of restriction it just feels strange and I need a bit of encouragement and reassuring replies
        Thank you again!
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          What helps me with cardio is not doing high impact cardio daily. Run (or dance or KB or whatever) one day, go for a long walk next (or roll on the grass or garden or yoga or what have you) That helps prevent the sugar imbalance that causes hunger after too frequent intense cardio.

          For sure, watch your eating, and watch the scale and inches. Take food when your body lets you and tighten the belt when it won't. And, weight gain without inches gained in the wrong places is a holy grail, because that's an indocation of you getting firmer with muscule
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          When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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            You really do help me!


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              It is not a psychological thing or lack of discipline! You're active. You're hungry. You seem to be gaining muscle and not fat.

              "eat eat eat" Sounds like good advice here. Keep up the good work
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                Thank you
                Has anyone of you made similar experiences? It is tough to let things happen and see where they take me...


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                  Just keep an eye on your body fat and waist measurement if that's what you're concerned about. 2500 calories is not too much for a super active female.

                  I've gone through very active stretches where I was eating tons of calories and not gaining weight. When you happen to drastically cut down your activity levels you shouldn't eat as much, but you probably won't be as hungry either so your caloric intake should naturally decrease
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                    Hi SalubriousU,
                    that is exactly what I was planning to next week. My plan is to reduce my trainig volume and time during the next week, kind of recovery, my training cycle says so. I'll see if I can eat less then.
                    Going for a walk now, enjoying the sunny Sunday morning!
                    Have a nice day everyone!


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                      As long as you're eating less because you're less hungry, not because you think you should. Calories are important during recovery as well. I personally wouldn't worry about purposefully decreasing food intake. And 120ish at 5'5 is generally very healthy so I really wouldn't worry about a few pounds here or there, especially when it's lean muscle gain

                      Hope you had a great walk. Send some of that sun to northeastern, U.S. will ya?
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                        Sun must be there by now because it's raining and stormy here now. Send it back till Thursday, please. I'm planning this weeks bike ride then
                        My purpose for this week is to stop tracking calories, to get more recovery (just four days of training). You're the professional, I think?!
                        Tomorrow would be the "day of the scale" - checking the weight ...perhaps I won't.
                        Anyway...don't want to open up another topic like "to weigh or not to weigh". But pants as a measurement do lie if they're made of stretching material, don't they? So the scale might be more inforative?!
                        Have a nice day! Gergirl