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What is this 'resistant starch" thing about?

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  • What is this 'resistant starch" thing about?

    Heya I have been hearing a lot about RS and frankly I am apparently too dumb to understand much of what I have read and Free the animal is hard for me to fathom times 2.

    Can somebody please explain what is going on, what it does for me simply please?

    Is it worth my effort in my particular case is what I want to know.
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    RS is a type of starch that is not digested by you but by gut bacteria further down the colon. These bacteria produce by-products in the form of short-chain fatty acids like butyrate which is energy for the colonic cells.

    There are studies showing numerous benefits to this (some are unclear as to how but observations don't lie) :
    - improved gut health
    - better sleep
    - stronger immune system
    - regular bowel movement
    - blood sugar control, especially fasting BG levels which tend to go up for VLC eaters after a long time on a VLC WOE
    - blunts the BG spikes after a high carb meal. So say you eat some RS prior to a meal, and eat highly glycemic foods during the meal, your blood sugar and insulin response will be much less pronounced than without the RS ingestion.
    - second meal effect: this blunting effect goes on for hours
    - etc

    You can either eat it as a supplement (raw potato starch flour, plantain flour, tapioca, buckwheat, etc) or in RS rich foods:
    green bananas, plantains, beans, potatoes, rice, etc

    The only thing is that the RS found in raw foods breaks down by heating it up (above 150 F). So if you bake some potatoes, the way to get RS back is to cool them down for at least 24h in the fridge (or freeze them) and refry them (yes, refry kinda hard). The RS type reforming in the cooling process is called retrograded RS and its amount increases paradoxically when refrying the food.

    Beans, potatoes and white rice are cheap rich source of RS. All of them are safe to consume if you know how to prepare them. At Free The Animal, they tell how.