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    I just read Mark's blog today on Why Diets Fail.

    I think it actually explains why the Potato Diet doesn't fail!

    Take these points on why diets fail:

    Dieters are distracted – by the endless calculations, the various and sundry trade-offs, the obsessive regrets and gymnastic style justifications they contort their minds into throughout a day.
    Not on the potato diet! Just eat potatoes!

    When we diet, we deliberately choose scarcity. Why? In the end, deprivation is a self-defeating behavior.
    Not on the Potato Diet--you get to eat until you are full of the most satiating food on the planet!

    The perceived complexity of one’s weight management approach determines the ability to adhere to the plan over time.
    The Potato Diet is the least complex diet ever invented!

    In “dieting” you count down the days. In a lifestyle shift, you commit to a learning curve.
    With the Potato Diet, you count down the pounds! It gets exciting, then it's over.

    On a more serious note, I think of the way we work ourselves into a love-hate relationship with food (and sometimes ourselves). We tell ourselves erroneously that food makes us fat, but the pull toward it has never been stronger and more loaded with psychological baggage. Food shouldn’t be the reason for our existence, but it should never be the enemy. From an ancestral point of view, the whole framework is insane. Dieting in the modern sense distorts our relationship with food as basic sustenance.
    Since 1849, people have noted the Potato Diet restores one's relationship with food! It teaches you about hunger and satiety and shows you you are not broken--you can lose weight!


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      "...what really happens is that the potato diet 'changes' you" - oh yeah, does something wicked to my curiosity!


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        I don't think I could over eat plain potatos. I mean they are nice, but without butter and cream I wouldn't call them delicious, and since they are relatively low calorie it would be hard to get fat. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore


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          Potato Diet, Fall 2013

          My own personal potato famine begins today!

          For extra motivation, I put a super skimpy gym outfit on layaway and will go get it after this is over- would love to last the whole 2 weeks! Since Otzi promises fat loss I am expecting to see more muscles and a little less jiggle the next time I put this outfit on (will post after pics!)

          (Super excited about that crop top)

          I also invented a sort of mantra to keep my attitude positive and to keep me focused on my fat loss goals. A couple years ago one of my best friends sent me her family's secret hollandaise sauce recipe and the instructions included this line (about melted butter) "just steady stream that buttah". It made me think that by leaving the potatoes plain my own body fat can be a "steady stream of buttah". So with my mantra in place, and a killer outfit waiting, I'm ready to do this.

          I also explained it to my husband and I guess he thought it was so weird he didn't even care to protest so I'm good to go.

          Otzi- have you already started?


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            My favorite potatoes from the land of potato origin is papas a la huancaina, however, the sauce unfortunately, just wouldn't fit in here.



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              lol, I'd join now but I don't think my gut is ready at this point.
              Crohn's, doing SCD


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                Originally posted by moluv View Post
                It made me think that by leaving the potatoes plain my own body fat can be a "steady stream of buttah".

                Otzi- have you already started?
                I was planning for week after next, starting on the first.

                The best way I have found to get started is buy about 20 pounds of potatoes--don't just get a big bag, try to get the loose ones you can hand-pick. Pick out about 40 of them that weigh 1/2 pound each--once you weigh a couple, it is very easy to eyeball them. When you get home, pre-cook 10 potatoes (boil or bake) and save these for lunches, snacks, or emergencies.

                Eat on your regular meal schedule. If you normally eat three times a day, have one potato for breakfast, one for lunch and two or three for dinner. If you eat twice a day, have one for first meal and 2 or 3 for dinner. Eat them however you like--boiled&cold, boiled and mashed, shredded and fried, cubed and fried, baked, or whatever you can come up with.

                A George Foreman grill or non-stick waffle maker make perfect hashbrowns. Potatoes fry up amazingly well without oil or butter in a non-stick pan. Some people fill a crockpot with potatoes and cook them that way. For ease, just boil them, mash them, and if they are too dry, pour some broth on them--homemade bone broth is best, but just any broth from the store that has a short ingredient list is fine.

                Good luck!

                Originally posted by epicurie View Post

                "...what really happens is that the potato diet 'changes' you" - oh yeah, does something wicked to my curiosity!
                For me, it made me more adventurous. I was always so paranoid about gaining back weight that took me 6 months to lose that I was actually hurting my efforts to lose more. I wanted to try more carbs, but the thought of gaining weight always made me stop. After I saw how easy I could lose weight with the potato diet, I decided to add carbs--about a pound a day--and I gained a few pounds, but then my weight stabilized and I found they fit very well into my life--more carbs made working out easier and I felt better. The potato diet for me makes long-term weight maintenance a simple thing. If I put on 5 or 10 pounds over a year--melt them off with a couple weeks of potatoes, not 6 months of grueling cardio and food restriction.


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                  Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
                  lol, I'd join now but I don't think my gut is ready at this point.
                  Or, you could do like they did in 1849:
                  Let those who have dyspepsia—and that means a multitude of ills which the American people in their luxurious habits are fast bringing upon themselves—try for a time the potato diet.
                  That should be in my signature line!

                  I had to look up 'dyspepsia'. It means:

                  Dyspepsia can be defined as painful, difficult, or disturbed digestion, which may be accompanied by symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, heartburn, bloating, and stomach discomfort.
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                    Originally posted by Gorbag View Post
                    What about making mashed potatoes with salt, broth and add gelatin? The jello potatoes diet! Hmmm, I wonder if anybody have tried that yet?
                    I havent tried gelatin, but I love tators w/bone broth. My broth is nice and thick too, I crush the bones and veggies.

                    Originally posted by otzi View Post
                    like to bake up 6 or 8 at a time, wrapped in tinfoil, ....
                    I started doing that, but then switched to boiling them whole. I did like the flavor from baking, but boiling is much easier for me. They stay moist also. I do a big dutch pot at a time, so they are always ready to go in the frig and then I fix them any number of ways.

                    I did a "mostly tator" day yesterday.... sorry. It was a tators till dinner. Well I wasn't hungry at dinner time, then had a meeting (a meeting at a restaurant no less, where others WERE eating dinner) so it was almost bed time I had 3 farm eggs and half cup of cottage cheese.

                    This morning?????
                    -1.8 from yesterday morning. Plain crazy.

                    I just did a carb deplete a few weeks ago. I did a refeed Saturday, so that water weight was already gone.
                    65lbs gone and counting!!

                    Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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                      It's 3pm on my first day of the potato famine and I can see how it will work.

                      By not using any condiments there will be absolutely ZERO reward for eating even a bite more than is absolutely necessary to not be hungry. And I love potatoes! But truly, in their plain state, they are very satisfying but wildly boring. It was noon before I could even be bothered to eat 5 fingerling potatoes. I have continued to graze on them afterwards (because I am a grazer anyways). Steamed 3 lbs today, I doubt I crack 1200 cals all day (and that's w/ my coffee n milk).

                      It will take some dedication to stick this out for a length of time, but I can tell it will work if I do.

                      I'm highly motivated to look more svelte in my Halloween costume in a week. Thank goodness for that.

                      Has anyone else started already?


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                        I'm not starting until Nov 4th. I have to attend a Special Olympics Bowling tournament with my son on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd. I don't mind that people already think that I 'eat weird', but if they saw me only eating potatoes, it'd be even worse.

                        I have 3 big bags of tators from the garden waiting for me.
                        Some people just need a sympathetic pat... On the head... With a hammer.


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                          Just wanted to add that when I did this during the Super Secret Potato Project
                          (thread in Odds and Ends), I did half regular potatoes and half sweet potatoes or yams.

                          It didn't make a lick of difference and I still lost a whack.

                          Just sayin', for the ones that asked.

                          Sweet potatoes are absolutely "more tasty" (to me), but I still can't power them down
                          like candy or anything.

                          Full on a potato, is full on a potato already. End of story.

                          Good luck folks!


                          p.s. i kept my coffee, milk, heavy cream and stevia as well... just one cup a day though.


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                            Is cold rice okay? Or is that not the same? What about non RS rice?

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                            HCLF: lean red meat, eggs, low-fat dairy, bone broth/gelatin, fruits, seafood, liver, small amount of starch (oatmeal, white rice, potatoes, carrots), small amount of saturated fat (butter/ghee/coconut/dark chocolate/cheese).

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                              What about minimum dietary fat for hormones?


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                                The potato hack is the POTATO HACK.


                                One could do a rice hack or a potatoes with "minimal fat", but it wouldn't be
                                what Otzi is talking about here.

                                The hack isn't intended to go on for life, so I really don't think that anyone's hormones
                                are going to go down the crapper in 14 days.

                                If you feel yours are, THEN STOP.

                                It's that simple.

                                If you don't think you can do the potato hack because it's too boring, you're listless
                                or foaming at the mouth, IT'S NOT FOR YOU.

                                Hijack over,