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Please help me understand what I need to eat to lose weight. Long Post.

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    Please help me understand what I need to eat to lose weight. Long Post.

    Originally posted by Chickalia View Post
    Any particular parts of the lamb that you suggest? What animals livers do you eat? My dad loves fried chicken livers. I'm going to talk to him about that and just cook them differently.
    You can fry them in ghee or butter. Just don't flour and it is primal.

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    HCLF: lean red meat, eggs, low-fat dairy, bone broth/gelatin, fruits, seafood, liver, small amount of starch (oatmeal, white rice, potatoes, carrots), small amount of saturated fat (butter/ghee/coconut/dark chocolate/cheese).

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      Offal, Lamb, Ox, Pig, Liver, Kidney, Heart, Farmerís Choice Free Range UK

      I just found the above site. It looks promising although I need to research it more. The prices seem low.


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        A good starter recipe for beef heart is stew done in the crockpot, with onions, tomatoes, sweet potato, and oregano.


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          I began Weight Watchers on January 15, 2013. By July I reached my goal with an 84 pound loss. There are no food restrictions so you can follow it even if you're trying the newest food conspiracy diets like paleo, dairy or gluten free, etc. what I liked about it is that when you reached your point value of food intake for the day , you are allowed to switch to fruits and vegetables which count no points at all and you can eat as much as you want. The weight just melted off of me. I no longer have high blood pressure and my blood sugar levels are now normal unmedicated! I also recommend garÁinia cambogia as a metabolism supplement to keep the burn going. I buy a 3 month supply for 19 bucks off Amazon. So it's been 3 months since I reached goal and I've actually lost another 10 pounds just to have if I get distracted. At 14 dollars a week this is the most natural, sensible and effective weight loss diet out there.


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            1. Firstly, you don't have to be super strict. Think 80/20. Anything should be allowed on your diet, but just know better what foods are more ideal. Then cut yourself some slack if it isn't perfect. That's the only real principal that truly makes primal able to adhere to.

            2. Start trying fasting and eating less frequently. This is the number one thing that will help you out a lot no matter what you eat when you eat. So for example, even if you end up forgetting about primal for a while and eating what ever you want, you still can and should reap the benefits from fasting. Just because you went off primal for what ever reason, it doesn't mean you can't still benefit from fasting. You can and you should.

            This when combined with the 80/20 thinking truly is what makes primal so easy to adhere to. Why? Because it takes into account that nobody is perfect and when living in modern times you probably won't go primal 100% as even if you try there will be times when you slip or what ever.

            It's ok. Fasting is just another thing that makes it work. And I can vouch for it myself. I traveled for work. And fasting is the single thing that allowed me to have the best success in the long term no matter what I ate. Many times I didn't have access to primal foods. Other times I just wanted to go out with my friends and eat. Other times I just wanted a dessert. Years ago when I thought that I HAD to eat 3 meals per day and enough protein, I couldn't have gotten away with such. But now I can and it works.

            3. I would say it's very easy to lose weight while including all those starchy foods. Personally, I'd probably even include the oats. Oats, rice, and especially boiled potatoes are all foods that happen to be highly satisfying and reasonable in calories. They will make you feel STUFFED!!!

            As for the meat, I've been messing with that. First of all, you don't need a ton of protein like what everyone has been teaching over the years. You need at least 60 grams per day to build muscle, so you really don't need too much.

            However, I actually do like to make sure I get "enough" protein, and in my experience a little extra helps me to stay full. I actually recommend more of an asian style with some slight modifications.

            Asian style uses rice with every meal. And they eat small amounts of meat. You solve the protein issue by throwing in some extra eggs in 1-2 of your meals. As for the carbs, the difference is you might try a different starch as your staple.

            You can also stay under the 150 gram per day mark rather easily that way. And with foods such as rice and potatoes, it also will help with your budget. Such starchy foods also have a little bit of protein in them and will help add up to make up enough protein. You get protein from meat + protein from eggs + protein from starchy foods = "enough" protein.

            4. Previously, I was just trying to cover the basics of what your main questions are. But how about your main question? You want to lose A LOT of weight, but don't know how. I'll give some tips on how to get there faster, but realize that with the style I mentioned above, it's actually very good for maintenance. In other words, you won't get fat eating like that.

            Anyways, you need to drop the calories if you want to lose the fat. There is no way around it. It sucks, but you just have to try to find the best way you can do it without making it too uncomfortable. And no, I don't expect you do adhere to that every day all year long. Such is unnecessary. You need something you can adhere to.

            For that reason, I actually recommend eating for maintenance most of the time. Save the cutting strategies for when you are very motivated and are determined to do it. That way you are hopefully never gaining. And you are also comfortable most of the time, which is good and makes it easy to adhere to. But then when you get your motivation to do so, find a way to cut calories as often as you can for as long as you can. You do that either until you can't take it anymore, or you do it until the extra fat is gone.

            So for adherence issues, you might have to repeat that process many times until you get the fat to come off. So for example, you might want to drop 20 lbs per year over the summer and then stay at maintenance the rest of the year. Clearly that would take 5 years to drop the entire 100 lbs, but would also make maintenance rather easy and comfortable and you wouldn't be gaining it back ever again. Another option is to try to lose it VERY quickly such as in a year. But options are ok, it just depends on you and how you want to do it.

            Anyways, here's how to drop the calories significantly for when you really want to speed up the fat loss process.
            a) Opt for leaner meats and protein sources. Egg whites during this time period is better than whole eggs.
            b) Don't add any extra oils such as olive oil, cheese, etc.. A small amount for flavor is ok.
            c) Replace starchy carbs with very low calorie vegetables and fruits such as brocoli, cabbage, peppers, etc..
            Note: This is NOT to be permanent. It's only to speed up fat loss for a while, pretty much as long as you can take it. During maintenance, you go back to a variety of foods, mostly primal 80/20 style, and don't worry about the details so much.

            5. To summarize, mainly what I recommend is to set your diet up to be as flexible as possible, that way you can adhere to it. Don't get so worked up over the finer details. 80/20 along with intermittent fasting should do it's work at keeping you relatively lean.

            As for the fat loss part, don't fool yourself about what is going to be required to get the fat to go away. Do what has been proven to work, which is cut calories. And don't beat yourself up over it. Expect not to be on a fat loss diet permanently. That isn't necessary. Flip flop between cutting and maintenance as you wish. You might even slip once in a while and find yourself gaining weight back again such as 10 lbs, and in such a case, don't beat yourself up over it, fix the problem before it's too late.

            I hope that helps.


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              A bit late here, but I love every liver I came across (turkey, chicken, beef and pork)....

              With mutton, anything goes, just need to stew tougher parts. I am bias, because I like the specific flavor of lamb.

              I guess, I like the stronger-flavored meats in general....
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