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Can't eat enough according to BMR calculator

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  • Can't eat enough according to BMR calculator

    I've been pretty primal for a coupla' years now cheating at times. I had gone from about 360+ to the 270's. It seems like I just can't break through 270. According to BMR calculators, I should be eating 2900+ to maintain, 2300 to lose, and 2100 for rapid loss. Problem is I was eating only between 500-800 calories a day, was never hungry, and didn't have a lack of energy. So I tried to eat the 2100 cals, tracking everything and I felt like all I was doing was stuffing my face. Very uncomfortable. I was able to hit 2100 the first day, but could only get to 1500+ and 1600+ the next two days. It was like force feeding. From Mon to Thursday I went from 271 to 276. Cut way back Friday and today (Saturday) all I've had all day was 4 slices of bacon, some Turkey breast (3 oz) and whatever milk goes into a few cups of coffee. I finally feel better, and I'm not at all hungry, and don't plan on eating much else for the rest of the day. Maybe another 400 cals.

    My question is, is it possible that some people are just more efficient with their calories and that I just don't need to take in so much? I think I could get by on 1200 without being too uncomfortable. I have a large frame, so I'd imagine 225 would be pretty slim for me. Like I said, I was at no loss of energy before I started trying to eat more, and that included walking 2.25 miles a day at lunch time at work (in place of eating).

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    Individual metabolism does not differ by huge amounts. It's essentially height x pulse x temperature and if any of those three change you'll be the first to know.

    All of those formulas are extremely rough, as is our ability to measure what we're eating. I'd stay out of the calorie hedge maze for a while and focus on making every food have a purpose. Decide your protein and micronutrient-rich foods first then add in clean fats and/or carbs to achieve energy balance. Grok didn't have apps.

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      Every pound of fat that you lose is about 3600 calories that you don't need to eat.


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        So I'll just try to hit 200 grams of protein a day, and not worry about eating much else unless I'm hungry. There's just so much talk about "starvation mode" with the definition of starving being 50% of your BMR needs, I thought that was what was causing my plateau.