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  • Getting Lard Internationally

    Hi All, I live in Japan. I'd like to start cooking more using lard or tallow. Does anyone know a company that ships internationally? Amazon has an Armour brand but I don't know if that's particularly good quality. I don't have an oven so I can't render my own.

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    Armour brand is garbage. So is Goya.
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      You don't need an oven - I do mine in a big pot (Giant cast iron Dutch oven) on the stovetop. Put a buncha pork fat in a big pot and cook on medium until it all melts and there are crispy bits in there...turn it down if it starts to smoke. Usually takes about an hour +\- for 5-8 lbs of fat. Have done beef this way also. Just strain and store in glass jars ( I use the fridge or my cool pantry).
      I have never bought lard that didn't taste strange! My stovetop stuff is clear/white and virtually taste free!


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        Thanks for the tips! That sounds yummy.