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Did anyone ever become obese from eating Primal?

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    Originally posted by RichMahogany View Post
    Primal only works in theory? I'd have to say these boards are chock full of people for whom it's worked wonders. This post on a Friday, when there's yet another Friday success story on the main page.

    Fierce, I just took a phone message for you. Reality called. It's wondering where you've been.
    No other health sites / companies have success stories. You might be onto something here.


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      I posted this before. I do not think I am lean. I do rock some nice collar bones, though.

      To get my body to look like this, I was eating low fat, moderate carb, high protein primal. Basically steamed veggies, lean meats, sweet potatoes and no added fats. 3 meals a day, nothing in between. Basically one chicken breast split between breakfast and lunch with one of those having it with veggies and the other with a potato, then dinner which was typically some other kind of lean meat, a veggie and a potato. So we're talking 2 potatoes, two pieces of meat and two piles of vegetables. No butter, black coffee.

      I was lifting weights 2x a week and sprinting 2x a week and taking walks daily with one long hike on the weekend.

      I don't know what more I could do to look like a lean person. I seriously don't think it is possible. On the flip-side, I do enjoy eating a lot more food than I used to and if I overdo it, I can usually get myself back to the above picture pretty easily. Also, if anybody likes butt thunder AND thigh thunder AND upper arm thunder, I've got it.
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        sbhikes! You are way to hard on yourself! You look great! You look healthy. Your body represents that of someone healthy. Be proud!


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          Originally posted by fiercehunter View Post
          Genes are important (I could never be obese), but food, lifestyle choices, and right information are the key. Getting the starches out is a start but if you don't lower your PUFA intake (omega 6 & 3), you will never be healthy, which is why so many people can't lose weight and eventually end up gaining, even on real food....

          The Peat ideas if correctly applied work for everyone, whereas just reading this board you realize Primal works only in theory- ie its a nice idea, with no basis in reality.

          Now that I've learned the truth I don't worry about what other people are doing. They can learn about PUFAs and starches if they want to. It's up to them.
          I'm primal and I don't eat PUFA's or large amounts of starch either, it was written in marks book. My reality is your reality.

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            Originally posted by fiercehunter View Post
            Oh, b.s. Whatever primal success stories you hear are short-term. There are plenty of people on this forum who haven't and never will lose an ounce, and whatever success they do have will only be from slavishly follow the Primal religion which is mostly just an ignorant ego trip.

            I live the dream, no thanks to Mark Sisson.
            What do you consider short term? Is three years long enough for you to consider someone a success?
            Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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              Depends on your definition of Primal.

              Does Primal mean thousands of calories of Paleo baked goods, oils and fats in your drinks and PUFA-rich meals? I'd assume the answer could be yes.

              Does Primal mean a diet based on entirely whole foods? I would assume it would be alot more difficult. Yes, you could become overweight and/or a bit fluffy, but obese? Would be much harder.
              Chances of obesity also decrease if the idea of "exercise" included in being 'Primal' is implemented. People seem to think food is everything.

              Originally posted by Stacy15 View Post
              sbhikes! You are way to hard on yourself! You look great! You look healthy. Your body represents that of someone healthy. Be proud!
              ^This. You look seriously awesome.
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                Originally posted by fiercehunter View Post
                Oh, b.s. Whatever primal success stories you hear are short-term. There are plenty of people on this forum who haven't and never will lose an ounce, and whatever success they do have will only be from slavishly follow the Primal religion which is mostly just an ignorant ego trip.

                I live the dream, no thanks to Mark Sisson.
                That has not been my experience. I lost 60 lbs on 2009-10 and have kept it off.

                Primal is a guideline, as expressed by Mark's use of the word "Blueprint". Just like blueprints for building a house, everyone needs to take primal guidelines and then tweak to fit individual needs/goals/desires.

                The bigger question, as I see it is-- IF you are truly living your dream and it is so oppositional from what this site represents, why are you here? What need is being met by stirring the pot in place you find lacking, without value?


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                  Sbhikes, I think the disconnect happens when one equates healthy with model/ bodybuilding physique. I also think there is a difference in someone who has always been lean/fit and approaching middle age and someone has had weight/health/fitness issues, long term, and then applies PB guidelines.

                  I also think it might be helpful if you define/show with pictures what YOU think a typical lean person in your age range looks like.I ask because While I see you as healthy/trim/fit and at a VERY acceptable weight/ fitness level, I think you may be expecting to at a "contest ready/photoshopped/ young person's" body.

                  To bring this into closer perspective, I would love to have your lifting ability. However, do to physical limitations, I can never achieve your success. All of that does not mean I cant be the best ME I can be.

                  Finally, my hope is that you continue to grow and challenge yourself while celebrating your growth/success, and more importantly, your INTRINSIC value.


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                    Alot of people get the assumpton that since its Primal you can gorge out on food and remain sedentary.


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                      Originally posted by nikitakolata View Post
                      Unfortunately, this is my experience. Unless I am hungry must of the time I am nor able to lose weight. I am primal and obese right now. I am considering going back on phentermine just because it gave me some sense of control. Sad, indeed.
                      I am sorry to hear. I've been through it myself, the part about the office job. If you are sedentary it makes it so you have to go much lower in calories in order to lose weight. And I hate that. But I dealt with it.

                      To get the fat to drop, I did A LOT of fasting. I also had to purposely design a lot of my meals to be very low calorie.

                      Anyways, the advice I wanted to give about the hunger issues is you want to go for high volume high satisfaction foods with low-moderate calories. You need to opt for foods that make you feel STUFFED but are still reasonable in calories. If you can do that, your problem is solved.

                      1. Egg whites (whole eggs when not cutting), lots of vegetables, boiled sweet potatoes (boiled is more satisfactory than baked). I also like oatmeal which isn't primal, but it's my 20%.
                      2. Chicken or fish and boiled sweet potatoes.
                      3. Chicken or fish and rice (rice is 20%).
                      4. Soup of any kind. I like the philipino one called bulalo, it's got bone with the marrow in it with cabbage.
                      5. Don't add in any extra fat.
                      5. Want to take it one step further? Replace all starchy carbs with low calorie fruits and vegetables such as greens and peppers.

                      You get what I am saying? If you still feel hungry then you aren't making the right food choices. Usually what I'll do at least once a year is go through a period of say several weeks where I take it extreme and try to lose the fat fast for several weeks. It's uncomfortable and I don't like it. But it makes it so I don't have to do it for the rest of the year. I made it from obese to normal weight while doing it this way. Now I just stay lean.

                      I could sum up what I'm saying like this:
                      1. Stick to satisfying foods that are low or at least reasonable in calories. Don't go psycho on the fat. Any foods that you do eat that are high in calories should only be eaten in reasonable amounts.
                      2. Keep the meal frequency low. 2-3 meals per day tops, and always skip breakfast until you really start getting hungry. Lunch and dinner is ideal in my opinion.
                      3. Get a little uncomfortable once in a while to give yourself a good push to drop the fat. Grok probably went through this too during times when he had no choice. Drop the calories for a while and/or fast. Do this for several weeks at a time.
                      4. Reap the rewards. Eat what you want, within reason, most of the year. This shouldn't be a problem if you are eating infrequently and have already gained control over your hunger.


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                        Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
                        I could get obese on primal. Give me nuts and fruit on tap.
                        But that would not be primal...they may be primal foods but that is not a primal eating pattern
                        Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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                          True. It would be almost peat-like in absurdity.
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                            So folks? How about my original question about fast fat loss and recovering from obesity? I want opinions.

                            If primal eating done correctly can't make you obese, and one has to resort to fast fat loss techniques (such as a very low calorie diet (VLCD) AKA protein sparing modified fast (PSMF), both which are typically less than 800 calories per day) in order to recover from obesity, then will they gain it all back once switching to normal primal eating? Or is that just a bunch of rubbish?

                            I say rubbish!!!


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                              OMG, I don't even know why you are pitting these unrelated extremes against each other. Starving is terrible, obesity is terrible, you don't use one to battle the other except in extreme cases. I lost 50 pounds stuffing my face and feeling amazing. No starving.

                              Why do you think there is such a thing as normal eating? Have you ever even thought about why we call certain things "food"?
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                                I want to address the issue of "starving."

                                According to Cronometer:

                                12 oz 95/5 ground beef
                                4 Tblsp salsa
                                2 cups of coffee, each with a half Tblsp of coconut oil
                                3 eggs cooked in 1 tsp butter, topped with 2 Tblsp grated parmesan
                                Protein shake with 2 egg yolks and a Tblsp of cocoa powder

                                has 1199 calories, 128.6 grams Prot, 19.6 grams Carb, and 65.5 grams Fat.

                                As a percentage of calories: 45.4% P, 6% C, 48.6% F.

                                I can not for the life of me see how that can be considered starving, even though a lot of people seem to think that 1200 cal/day is a starvation "diet." (Adjusted for age, gender, height, activity.)

                                Not only that, but it shows that you can do it Primal-ly. It also shows that you don't have to go low fat to do it. Conversely, it shows that you don't need to use a lot of added fat to get good ratios if you're eating an abundance of animal protein - it comes with its own fat built in. It's only one sample day, but it's easy to fool around with the ratios to suit individual needs.

                                Anyway, that's how I "starve" when I have to cut a few. Generally weekends are more liberal with 1400 or 1500 calorie days. But I never feel starved. I just really don't like that the conscious lowering of calories is considered such a detriment. It's how you do it. I think if you do it smart, and include your favorite foods (assuming those aren't cakes and cookies), you can do it without feeling starved or deprived.
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                                Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.