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  • Primal for Dancers?

    I've just transitioned to eating according to the PB, but am a little confused as to how to maximize my results. I am a full time ballet student trying to fix insomnia, maintain energy levels, and ideally drop a few kilograms. Because a lot of what I have read is about sedentary/lightly active people, I'm not sure about what/when to eat different things, particularly starchy vegetables and fruit. I know I need to replace muscle glycogen after my workout, but when I am dancing from 9 till 4, is half a sweet potato enough to really do anything? Should I be limiting fruit, or is a banana as a snack okay? Here's what I've been doing:

    Breakfast around 8:00: 2 eggs, 1/2 TB butter/coconut oil, 2 rashers bacon, 1/2 tomato
    Lunch around 12:30: Mixed salad with half avocado and chicken
    Dinner around 6:00: 1/2 sweet potato, some form of protein (beef, chicken, salmon), mixed veggies, 1 TB oil
    Snacks: Carrots and a banana if I need, sometimes a few nuts.

    I know ideally it would be good to have some more time to track things, but I can't risk my performance at the moment, and some guidelines would be really helpful. Many thanks!