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Saw My Dr. About Thyriod...and wouldn't you know...

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  • Saw My Dr. About Thyriod...and wouldn't you know...

    So I finally went in to get that blood work for my thyroid, after a bit of prompting from fine PB'ers on this site. My dr. wasn't available so I saw her assistant (who I like better anyway). I have gone a week of taking my temperature regularly since I know low body temp can be indicative of hypo. All week its been 96's-97's, even mid day, even after eating. First thing when I wake up its often high 95's. crazy. My resting HR has been 42-44. Would you know that in the dr office temp was 98. My BP was high 130/63. Pulse 60. My weight was up 135 (which I was glad about just so I could prove the "I've gained more weight in a short time" thing). None of my vitals really indicated what I'd seen all week. errrr.

    however I came armed with my little trusty notebook full of all the annoying symptoms I've had for a while that might be in my favor of being diagnosed with something real (as opposed to in my head).
    She asked:
    -was I tired a lot (YES)
    -did I have joint pain (DOUBLE YES)
    -do I gain weight easily (jumping up and down YES YES YES). I went on to tell her I eat like a rabbit, exercise like a maniac and gain weight. She noted that from last visit (5 months ago) I'd gained 10 pounds. lovely
    -am i depressed (yes and on meds for it)
    -she felt hands and feet-they were ice cold
    -heard my heart-I have a murmer (already knew about that, it is a symptom of hypo tho)
    -hair falling out? (yes)
    -cold a lot but sweat a lot? (How did she KNOW this? YES)

    It was fabulous. After asking me loads of questions like those and reviewing my last set of labs with the thyroid she said she wasn't sure why my dr hadn't looked into this more since I was at the low end of the range last time and have a ton of symptoms that I have gone in for at one time or another over the course of a year. Nobody put 2 and 2 together.

    She ordered me a full set of labs for thyroid (including free T3) she also ordered a metabolic panel and lipids since my cholesterol has been high in the past. Hooray. I hope I get some answers. I go back in a week.

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    Oh, wow! That's great. I hope you get a handle on things soon! (And I hope she reads the riot act to your regular dr!)


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      Ok I constantly reject people getting their thyroid messed with, taking meds, and prescribing theirselves hypothyroid. I have low blood pressure, cold sweating, low heart rate, a heart mur mur, and a lower end thyroid reading, but I don’t think I am hypothyroid…

      Point is I think it is nutrient defecency, and that messing with your hormones is going to do more harm than good. Grok did not have hypothyroid and yes I understand grok did not eat SAD prior either. I am just saying, give PB a fair shot because you already admit to eating like a rabbit and being a workout fanatic….two things that are very UNprimal.

      Yesm I know everyone would like to find the magic cure to weight loss, and a low thyroid may be a side effect OF eating primally. Is there any harm to not having an overactive thyroid??

      Im led to believe people overassume the hypothyroid thing because about 80% of posts on the forum are of people self diagnosing themselves when in reality how much of this did you pay attention to PRIOR to losing weight. For all you know your thyroid has been shot for 5 years before primal and has only been improving…

      Ok enough, im not trying to be rude or mean, just please read up on thyroid and meds…it has royally f-ed up many peoples hormones and it is an endless battle for life. You will mostly likely NEVER go off a thyroid med once you start it
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        Good point... Kate, if you do decide to try medication, make sure you know about possible side effects... and have someone watch you for mood or behavioral changes! Some of those meds can do a number on your mind.

        In any case, good luck exploring all the avenues.


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          I was diagnosed prior to PB. I have a genetic predisposition to it. I showed symptoms at the same age my mother first did. I agree that, if it is a nutrient imbalance, that should take precedence over medication; however, I can get as perfectly balanced as possible with multivitamins and food and still show symptoms. There are those who truly have it (I know you weren't trying to say otherwise, just pointing out for those following this.)
          Watch out if you show free T3 or free T4 out of range and your doc only wants you on Synthroid (levothyroxine.) That can just make things worse (speaking from experience.) I hope you get it solved, but as Diane pointed out, watch your moods and emotions. On the wrong dose or the wrong med, it can make that depression worse (on too low a dose, I was even more suicidal than I previously was). I'm not saying this to scare you (sure sounds like it, huh?) just giving you a few head's up.
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            Naidadknight... so glad you're getting treatment... I know how devastating it can be to have this condition ignored. Feeling irritable all the time. Freezing in warm weather. Joint pain beyond belief. Muscle pain to boot. Hair falling out. Miscarriages... OMG... It gets crazy doesn't it?

            Best of luck with getting help finally. I'm totally disgusted in the Medical industry in this arena...If they'd just help people at the START of this disease showing probs... with nutrition, meds and everything... people wouldn't be spiraling out of control with this...

            Take care!!!


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              Oh... Have you tried yoga, and a handful of poses that are really awesome at stimulating the thyroid gland for production? Check it out!!!


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                Try supplementing with iodine before you start on prescribed chemicals with nasty side effects. Your thyroid needs iodine in order to function properly.



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                  Sounds like you may have found a doctor you can work with. Make sure to get copies of all test results. If things come back "normal" I suggest asking what other problems could be responsible for your symptoms and how will those possibilities be ruled in or out.

                  Some non-thyroid related issues that can have symptoms like yours include, low vitamin d, low ferritin, blood sugar issues. These issues can also be found in people who are hypothyroid.


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                    Thanks. I appreciate all advice and concerns. I've been on PB 3 months now so I feel like I'm beyond the "give it a shot" time, but I don't want to stop despite some of the questions. I really feel better on it.

                    I've heard about the iodine and even putting a half dollar size on your stomach to check absorption rate? thats weird.

                    I'm not into talking drugs if I don't have to, and most certainly would look into a more holistic approach if that decision needed to be made.

                    thanks again!


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                      A hypothyroid diagnosis is not "a magic cure to weight loss"--and anyone who so is sadly misinformed.

                      There may be healthy people who abuse thyroid meds for weight loss (there was an incident in my town of hospital nurses doing that, and they were obtaining the Rx illegally), but for someone who is hypothyroid, optimum medication only allows weight loss--it doesn't promote it. As a matter of fact, depending on the level of thyroid impairment, it's often more difficulty for a hypo to lose weight even well medicated than it is for a person who has a healthy thyroid.

                      And please don't advise anyone to use iodine without a doctor's diagnosis of the problem. For someone with Hashimoto's (7 of 10 hypos), iodine supplementation not only isn't helpful; it can be dangerous.

                      Physicians are well aware of the dangers of thyroid medication which is why it is often difficult to get a diagnosis--i.e., they don't want to prescribe unless the hormones are absolutely necessary, and so many symptoms can be other things. But I know from experience, having been hypo for over 5 years before obtaining a correct diagnosis, that there's nothing that can substitute for proper medication.

                      The OP is getting blood work done and seems to be working with a responsible physician. Not everything is 'healed' by good eating habits; primal eating is not a panacea, folks.


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                        @Emmie - soooooo true!


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                          Ditto Em! :-)

                          And to the OP... my cholesterol went up as well as my thyroid went untreated (for 5 years, though I kept on the doc about it). After I started meds it went back down to my usual.

                          I do still hope at some point to not need medications, but my thyroid issues are hereditary. My mom had them at the same age I got them, but her's went untreated and progressed to thyroid cancer. She was treated and is fine, but I'd prefer to not go through that if possible. So I do take meds as well as am in the process of changing how I eat and fixing a boat-load of nutritional deficiencies. For me, being able to get out of bed and go to work is worth it...
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                            I agree. No medication is a cure-all for anything. Its often just a form of maintenance that takes a lot of work to sustain. I have some hypo friends who continue to really struggle with their weight and constantly have to adjust their meds. It seems a nightmare. I'm not looking for a magic pill for weight loss. I'm just trying to figure out why things are the way they are. I want to understand.

                            I already got my results back and I'll discuss more at length next week with my dr. All the nurse over the phone would tell me was that thryroid was "low but in range" (like last time) and that total cholesterol was 274. My last test it was 221. I asked her for the general breakdown
                            HDL 121 up from 89
                            LDL 90 down from 122
                            Tri 64 up from 49
                            She seemed all freaked out like "you NEED to keep that appt with your dr to discuss your high cholesterol". I said "I'll keep it but I'm not worried, those are great numbers, have a good day" LOL


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                              Seriously... HDL up, LDL down, what's not to love?

                              Good luck! Be sure to let us know how it goes.