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  • mayonnaise

    We have something called Hellmann's mayonnaise in the UK. See

    I'm not sure its very paleo although does have free range eggs at least, but I'm thinking the high polyunsats isn't that great either.

    What I really love is the fact they promote it as a good source of Omega 3. But when you read the ingredients in fact it has added the Omega 3 from plant sources and still there is over 2x as much Omega 6 in it. So if we're trying to achieve a balance of 1:1 Omega 3 to 6 then surely you'd be better off without it.

    I do wonder how some of these guys get away with marketing like that...

    Actually I'm a food technologist by background/degree so a lot of old uni friends are working for companies like Mars and Coca Cola. I'm proud of them all - no really I am....

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    It's a common pattern: make a food because it's cheap and then find a way to market it with health claims (see: margarine). The vocabulary of those health claims is designed to help the shopper rationalize snacks and desserts. Cholesterol-free candy, iron-fortified frosted flakes, etc.

    My peculiar nutrition glossary and shopping list