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Help me navigate dinner tonight!

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  • Help me navigate dinner tonight!

    So, it's my boyfriend's 31st birthday and I'm taking him out to a REALLY nice dinner at Alexander's Steakhouse in San Francisco. I figure steaks will be a pretty safe bet for the paleo lifestyle and they do have one grassfed steak item on the menu but most people come here for the Wagyu steaks or the ribeyes/tomahawkes. They serve a lot of "amuse bouche" items which are complimentary hordorves throughout the meal which probably aren't exactly paleo friendly. From what I hear, this restaurant is as much of an experience as it is just great food.. So, should I fully immerse myself in the rare dining experience or really try to avoid all things besides meat?

    The menu is here:

    For those who are foodies.. They are Michelin rated 1-star.

    EDIT: Fixed typo
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    Eat the food. All of it (unless you have a major food sensitivity/allergy).

    Edit - seriously eat it. I go out to a fancy restaurant perhaps 3 times a year and I eat whatever the heck I want. That is way less than the 80/20 rule. Just eat and be happy.
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      eat the food!!


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        Eat up! The menu looks really good with only a couple of non-primal items. Also, it's a celebration, and you're supposed to have fun! If it looks good, eat it.
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          It's your bf's birthday, eat it all!
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            I believe you meant "hors d'œuvre", hehe, enjoy