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Primal Blueprint and low blood sugar??

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  • Primal Blueprint and low blood sugar??

    I have been on this diet now for 5 months and still don't feel right/satisfied after my meals.. I have low blood sugar and always needed some form of starch to nullify the low blood sugar, and feel that I may have to introduce some potatoe and yam back into the diet.. Does anyone on here have low blood sugar as well? I can eat a full primal meal, and feel full, but because I did not have any starch, I will feel hungry and tired within an hour. I know its not hunger, but rather my body graving more carbs then the fruit and veggies.. I thought that my body would adjust, but I think I just need more carbs for my body... Most doctors do suggest some form of complex carbs for low blood sugar... I am curious if anyone else on here has similiar issues.... Any suggestions??
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    First of all how about giving an outline of your typical daily diet and activity, so people have something to work from?

    And importantly, has you doctor diagnosed the cause of your hypoglycemia?


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      Typical Diet

      Thanks for the reply...

      I have tried having the primal omlette for breakfast, with berries, but that does not satisfy me, even with cheese and veggies added. I have been having a smoothie for my first meal with coconut milk, whey protein, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and half a banana.. This seems to work well for me.. I snack on nuts and seeds, and berries and maybe an apple... Main meals consist of fish, chicken or steak, with two servings of veggies. Usually spinach, asparagus or green beans... I may have a chicken caesar salad, with extra chicken and veggies for dinner.. I also include flax and cod liver oil in my diet.. Before bed I have a casein protein shake with glutamine and fish oil, which works well... I ride the stationary bike 5 days per week, (slow) for 45 minutes to an hour. I also do 30 minute weight workouts 4 days per week, and do some yoga as well...


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        And the low blood sugar? Is this a medical condition - diagnosed low blood sugar, which may have some physiological cause, or is it that you just get a little light-headed and hungry if you don't eat often?

        I'm never a fan of shakes unless you have a specific need for them - liquids are handled by the body differently to solid food. With the smoothie and the protein shake that's two liquid meals you've got going there.

        Try having some meat or fish at breakfast.


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          I don't show up low blood sugar on the blood tests, and I even tested myself for a month and blood sugar is always between 80 and 100... I don't get light headed, just feel hungry right after meals.. If for example I have a steak with veggies, I will feel hungry or tired after the meal, unless I have some potato... I expected this to go away after a few months, but I still get it...


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            It's not low blood sugar obviously with numbers like that. And the addition of carbs for most people would result in the hunger and tiredness that you seem to get without them.

            Are you sure that you're eating enough at your meals? If I have sufficient protein and fat, I am never hungry. Perhaps what you need is just more food rather than carbs?


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              i see a serious lack of fat. Add more butter, cook in more grease, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc... Add fat to keep yourself satisfied - and if you're still unsatisfied, add some more.
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                Originally posted by Lovestoclimb View Post
                i see a serious lack of fat. Add more butter, cook in more grease, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc... Add fat to keep yourself satisfied - and if you're still unsatisfied, add some more.
                +1 Always add fat if you feel hungry and protein demands has been met.
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                  I'd say that your blood sugar is still fairly high. You should try to remove sugary fruits from your meals and replace them with fat ... at least for a while. Maybe you simply have low tolerance for glucose - in that case your blood sugar might spike (and crash) after your meal just because of the banana and berries. The spike also inhibits your fat metabolism -> you feel weak.

                  So: try zero carb for a while (at least a week).
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                    I have been diagnosed hypoglycemic. Can someone do a convert? I hit bottom during a GTT with a low of 2.1 mmol/l.
                    Early on in my Primal existance I had a low after not eating for far too long. This takes practice.
                    I had to cut my carbs way way back and work though eating small amounts regularly. Now I can fast for several hours without incident.

                    This might just be a long time habit that you have to work through. And remember that some carbs make you want more carbs. You'll figure it out.


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                      I was told that I was mildly hypoglycemic; I used to have lows pretty often if I didn't eat at a normal schedule - I was not a fun person to be around if I ate an hour or so later. Then I cut HFCS out, & the lows slowed enormously, but I was still eating pretty regularly. Now, I can IF, but I have occassionally had a low - I just assume I must've had too much sugar, or not enough calories before or after a workout, & grab a spoonful of nut butter or a hunk of chicken. I should mention that although I've had lows, I haven't had a crash - the shaking, irritable, horrid feeling with your body screaming FEED ME NOW. Mostly I've just had a bit of weakness & realized that I could use a snack. I would say that since January, it's probably only happened four times.

                      Make sure to eat lots of fat - if I start my day with bacon & eggs, or sauteed veggies, I'm fine for the day. I also do a similar smoothie like you mentioned several times a week, & that works well for me too. I'd switch out the PB for almond though; it's not a huge deal to be eating legumes, but it's not really primal.

                      Are you trying to lose weight? If not, by all means eat a sweet potato or squishy-squash if you feel like it'll help/won't make your total carbs go over 150. It does seem like you're eating a lot of fruit - that's been the hardest thing for me to give up. I've had to cut down to about one piece a day, or else I just crave more & more sugar. If I have the banana in my smoothie, that's it. Makes me sad, but the health benefits are worth it.
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                        Thanks for the advice.

                        i see a serious lack of fat. Add more butter, cook in more grease, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc... Add fat to keep yourself satisfied - and if you're still unsatisfied, add some more.

                        I am surprised how much fat I need to feel full.. I have a big salad for lunch today with lamb and steak, veggies and hummus. I was still hungry and had three handfuls of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and a bunch of nuts with an orange... That seemed to do the trick... Are you eating that much fat per meal?


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                          Thanks for the advice, I will try and add more fat to my meals... For lunch today, I had a bug greek salad with a lot of beef and lamb, hummus and veggies.. I was still very hungry, and had three handfuls of sunflower and pumkin seeds... I was still hungry and had a big handful of macadamian nuts and an orange... I still feel not satisfied and that I need some bread or starch... Is it possible that some people just need more carbs?


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                            Cripes, that's a LOT of food. I think there's more issues going on here than a bit of carbs, frankly. And there's a truckload of carbs in that orange.

                            You might need to look at eating a more modest volume at several sittings through the day: I mean breakfast, lunch and dinner, or else maybe four meals, and take a good look at the size, too - maybe you've stretched your stomach so it doesn't know when it's full anymore. Look at HOW you are eating. Slowly and mindfully, or throwing it down the hatch while reading or watching TV?

                            And feeling hungry is okay. You aren't meant to go around feeling stuffed full and sated all the time. I find that when I'm eating well, I can comfortably skip a meal and though I'm aware that my stomach is empty, it's not unpleasant and I don't feel lightheaded because my blood sugar is stable.

                            I just had a tin of tuna and with some cauliflower and cheese with mustard for lunch. I'm still hungry, because I tossed it down a bit quick (it was delicious!) but I'm fairly confident that it was an adequate meal for the sedentary day I'm having. I could go and eat something else, or I could focus on my work and in half an hour, my brain will register that I've eaten and I won't feel hungry anymore.


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                              How are you guys reaching 100 to 150 grams of carbs per day, with little fruit and just veggies? Most veggies have only minimum about of carbs... I think my problem, was not eating enough food, along with not eating enough fat...... I will start to increase both, while cutting out the fruit for a few weeks.... Adkins style!!