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Primal Blueprint and low blood sugar??

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    You might want to also think about tailoring back on the nuts and moreover, the seeds. they will promote inflammation in your body. I would consider ditching the hummus as well.

    What are your goals. Are you looking to lose fat, or just maintain? There's no rule where you HAVE to be at 150 grams of carbs, that's just suggested maintenance. Anything below is fine, depending on your goals of course.
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      When I eat a primal meal, I am feeling satisfied, as in full enough, but my brain seems to crave more sugar... I have been on this diet for 5 months, hoping my body would adjust, I may have to add in a bit more carbs at this point... I won't be hungry, but feel real irritable and in need of a higher starch... Any ideas??


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          Sartori, why are you repeating yourself on the carbs thing? I think it's pretty clear where most members stand on this - most peeps here err on the uber-low side where carbs are concerned, with a few doing zero, some doing 50-100 and some being more flexible, but they are generally regarded as a necessary evil, and it depends very much on your personal lifestyle, nutrition balancing and goals. It sounds like you're fishing for someone to say "oh yes, that's what you need, more carbs!", and that's not going to happen.

          Look, I'm a noobie at this so I don't fully get the science yet, but my understanding is that -any- meal is going to create an insulin release and it's that unused insulin that I THINK is making you crave carbs. If you distract yourself it will probably go away. But you've been a carb-addict for most of your life, it can take a long time to change that. Sugar is like a drug, remember?. It might be worth having a checkup to look at any possible health issues to do with insulin/blood sugar, just to be on the safe side.

          It could be that the traditional dessert (rather than sugary snacks) is the way traditional eating has dealt with the post-meal insulin rush and maybe that is a relatively healthy way to consume them, rather than having them spike your blood sugar in between meals. I don't know, that's just a wild guess on my part. So maybe take a hard look at everything you are eating and design your meals so that any carbs you're consuming are taken at the end of your meals. Just make sure your snacks aren't carby. See how you feel.

          I'd suggest that you get on to FitDay or a similar nutrition tracking website and enter in your foods so you know exactly how much you are consuming, so you can make more informed choices.