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    Hey everyone. I've been lifting heavy and watching my macros for 6 months now. I have made strength gains and increased my muscle mass while reducing my bodyfat. That said, it's been nowhere near to the level where it should be (as compared to peers with the same routine and time invested)

    I attribute it to: diet, and my hypothyroid.

    As a result I am switching things up and going paleo. I am also going to integrate the PBF routine. I strongly believe that this could be the key to a loss in fat. The cardio portion makes sense. I have had great success when I am sprinting more or taking part in more endurance activity over strength training alone.

    In the past I lost 110lb on Atkins (10 years ago). I have managed to keep off 90 of it for my entire adult life. So I know I am capable of doing something like a paleo style routine.

    So this begs the question: What should my first paleo breakfast be?

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      Yes. And the same again tomorrow
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        Egg/banana pancakes. Nomnomnom... or eggs and kippers! Mmm... eggs...
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          I like to put 4 eggs in my mini cast iron pan. They cook up thick because the pan is so small. 4 eggs seems about right for this small older woman. Alternatively, 3 egg yolks in my coffee and then cook the whites up with some vegetables. Breakfast of champions.
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