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  • Lunch ideas

    Hi all,

    I would really appreciate some quick primal lunch ideas. Ideally cheap as well.



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    Give more info about your situation.

    Are you packing a lunch and taking it somewhere or cooking at home? Do you have refrigeration available?



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      I'm a big fan of leftovers



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        Cook large quantities of meat, divide into lunch portions and freeze.. every morning just take a portion for lunch... perfect way for me, I just microwave it at work and its ready... I do burgers/roasted chickens/roast beef/lamb chops etc etc this way. Salads can be prepared the day before, or buy a bag of green on the day, but I can't be bothered with that, you can have a no veggie lunch if you are out of the house and have your veg dinner time.


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          Thanks for your replies.

          I am at home so can cook but as I said want it to be cheap and quick??




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            Hard-boilled eggs are my best friend these days. I'll cook a dozen of them on the weekend, then have a couple every day.
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              You could skip lunch and eat more in the evening, you soon get used to it and you can save lots of time. Humans didn't evolve to eat constantly and you'll get a good fat burning session into your day.
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                Stirfries with frozen pre chopped veggies. Stir in tamari soy sauce or coconut aminos, ginger, sriracha, garlic, and I fry a few eggs to put on top.

                Fruit smoothies

                Stew. Start it the night before in slow cooker.

                Soups: easy if you have a broth already made but you can use canned broth if desperate. Chuck in veggies and meat.

                Salads. Keep grilled meats and boiled eggs on hand.

                Omelettes!!! I love breakfast for lunch or dinner.

                I personally love to cook slabs of meat but you said cheap so maybe steak and lamb aren't cheap...

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                  I also cook large quantities of chicken portions/breasts and divide them into portions, when I need them I just nuke them for a couple of minutes and add sauce or one can add them to salads etc.

                  Actually Turq, I love my stirfy, as am VLC I also precook and freeze strips of meat/chicken and freeze it for whenever needed.