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Carbs and belly fat help!

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  • Carbs and belly fat help!

    Ok. So I have tracked and been primal for a year. I am so glad to be a part of a nutrition lifestyle that makes sense and freaking works like life was meant to be lived.

    Starting weight 228
    Goal weight 180

    Current weight 175

    I know. Hey your under your goal weight. There lies my problem. I have seemed to find a groove and working well. I am hovering at 173-175. I just can't seem to eat enough carbs/ calories etc eating primal without loading up afraid of big belly coming back. Now that my body is totally ripped, I can't seem to add weight without seeming like it's going straight to my gut? I am not sure how to overcome both physical part of eating even more as well as physiologically that it's ok to eat more carbs.

    I keep my barb intake generally under 75 and that seems to have me balanced. When I up it and try to gain weight and lean muscle mass it seems to scare me going back up and is it gaining in the right places?

    Calorie intake I think is low for me 1800 generally, carbs 70, protein 130, fat 80

    Btw I am 46yo, male, 5'9" 173

    I want to add more muscle mass, just a little as I need it for sports, I play hockey and it's nice to carry a bit more weight.

    I eat clean, I use primal fuel, and other snappy protein sources when I need it but don't think I am getting the calories or carbs I need. May be to low in carbs and seem to lose easy but not gain, without thinking it's making me fat?

    In my head?

    Help and thanks

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    More food, more carbs especially, and keep protein and fat the same, or lower the fat a little: More carbs will make you look leaner and better within a couple of days or so...
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      Great job on the weight loss!
      I'm 38, the same height and weigh approx 160lbs at the moment.

      How are you training? How do you feel and perform? Enough energy or sluggish and drained?

      I lost too much weight eating primal and not lifting, worked out I was sitting around the 1800 cal mark. I need to eat at least 2000 to get any heavier and more if I want to put on muscle, plus lift (either wicks or bodyweight exercises).

      I find that when I aim to up the protein to at least 1 gram per pound of bodyweight and fat to approx 60% of calories (so well under 100g of carbs a day, I'm guessing as I don't track ) then as long as I'm only training with moderate intensity for 30 to 45 mins 3 to 4 times per week I'm good.

      Looking back through my training log, back on 2008 when I was crossfitting 3 or 4 times per week plus martial arts for a couple of hours and a few hours of surfing or hiking) I was eating anywhere from 100 to 250 grams of carbs but lower fat. Not sure where I'd put my calories then, probably closer to 3000 per day.
      If you're interested in my (very) occasional updates on how I'm working out and what I'm eating click here.

      Originally posted by tfarny
      If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least