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    Originally posted by Ryancarter1986 View Post
    Venison is expensive in london

    From London England UK
    Well, it is more expensive than farmed meat here in Scotland where the local farm shop shoots the deer that come down from the hills onto the farm. I would say it's worth it as a "treat". If you are able to hunt it yourself that would be like heaven!


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      We have generally lived off of moose & venison for the last 40 + years. (Canada). We cut & wrap our meat ourselves & love it! What we do, is de-bone the entire animal (1/4 at a time) then cut into steaks, roasts, etc. We leave the fat on unless the animal was in rut. Its really good! You get the strong "gamey taste" if you don't clean it properly upon shooting it. Ours is never gamey. We usually take all the scraps & add fat to it for hamburger, and make jerky too. Oh, by the way, the Native Americans still eat the nose! Oh, you don't have to hang it to "tenderize" it like they do with beef, that just wastes the outside layer, and does nothing for the meat.
      Hope you can go with an experienced hunter the first time to learn how to clean one.


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        I appreciate the feedback, everyone!

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          I've started eating wild venison and boar from farm shops. I really want to hunt something. Yes the meat tends to be lean, but superb all the same. Haven't tried organs yet, venison liver is something I want.
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