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    Ok so every other weekend I travel to my boyfriends house for the weekend. He eats the SAD and has the standard bachelor kitchen which is beer and left over take out. He never cooks anything at all and when he's hungry he just goes out to eat. I can't live that way. It's driving me crazy. But I can't afford to go grocery shopping for 2 houses. And I feel bad asking him to buy organic eggs and uncured bacon just for me. I try to bring my own foods but usually feel pretty silly bringing my lunch, and when I stay for the whole weekend it gets hard to plan the meals. Any advice or ideas on what I could be doing? Any cheap and portable primal foods? I'm just so stressed out and at a loss about the whole situation any advice would be great.

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    Sounds like the perfect time for a new boyfriend.

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      Having eggs and bacon in the fridge is a reasonable request, something substantial so you have food in the morning. Offer to cook him breakfast.

      You could bring canned fish, nuts, fruit, whatever.....but more realistically you two should go for a quick grocery shopping trip when you get there on the weekends. Explain why you don't want to eat every meal out (health, expenses).


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        I sympathize with the expense, but taking the initiative and cooking might be a worthwhile sacrifice. Bringing a stew pot or casserole for dinner will save him cash. If his heart is set on dining, check the nearby menus on yelp and suggest one that has a clean option for yourself.

        If you enjoy eating and relaxing on the weekend, cheap/portable foods will probably leave you grumpy over time. If he's totally uncooperative then you could calorie load before and after the trip, and maybe pack some simple proteins (boiled egg, sardines, yogurt).

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          It's your health and your body. No one else should dictate how or what you eat. If he really cares, having a few things you can eat is not a huge request. Just explain, be honest, and see how it goes. Don't stress over it, just do your thing and I bet he starts to enjoy sharing time in the kitchen and eating great foods.

          Good luck!
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            I just got back from an extended work trip where I managed to stay pretty primal with only a microwave and fridge in a hotel room. I did eat out some and made the best choices I could, like bunless burgers, etc. In my room I frequently made romaine lettuce wraps with the best quality lunch meat I could find with cheese (goat is my favorite), avocado, and tomato. Other easy meals were canned wild salmon with cucumber, romaine, and plain yogurt if I wanted dressing. Also a chicken and apple salad with canned chicken, a Granny Smith apple, almonds, craisins, and plain yogurt for dressing. For breakfast I usually had coffee, an egg, yogurt and fruit. For snacks I had nuts, dark chocolate, larabars, and fruit. Hope these ideas help. It wasn't very expensive and was mostly available at a small town grocery store.


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              Cook double what you usually do and freeze a portion. Take enough with you so you have a few options.
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                Wow, thanks you guys! All of these are really great options! I will defiantly be freezing some of my leftovers to bring and eat, as well as talk to him about keeping some whole foods around the house. I have never tasted canned sardines or salmon but I'm going to try it. Ty Ty Ty!


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                  Good suggestion Hanna. I would, personally, take the same approach as if you were packing lunches for work and just take them with you. Not only would it be less stressful, but you would also not have to worry about as much cooking while you are there and can spend more quality time.
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                    I would ask him to get some things, if it's not a hardship for him, and offer to cook for both of you. Maybe he'll get inspired.
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