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fueling workouts....when?

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  • fueling workouts....when?

    i read about eating enough to fuel workouts. when do you do that? do you eat a bunch of protein/carbs an hour before working out...right before working out...after working out?

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    Generally speaking, anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour after working out should do the trick. To preserve muscle mass, it's best to have some form of protein soon after a workout, and then have a larger meal somewhere in the next hour or so. It's also a good idea to have some carbohydrate in the same timeframe so as to replenish glycogen stores.

    I prefer working out fasted, but everyone's different. Try having a piece of fruit or two before a workout if you need something in your stomach. Coffee, green tea, and yerba mate are also decent options.
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      Honestly, just find whatever makes you feel and perform best. I've been working out and eating for a long time; frankly, unless you're really pushing the limits of human performance I don't think timing of food makes that much of a difference. See what's good for you. In terms of general health, well-being, and workout performance...I dunno, you'll be fine with basically whatever as long as you're eating well.


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        Depends on what your goal for your workout is.

        So goal 1... to get strong, shed some fat, and maximize metabolic health

        Plan: Train fasted to improve energy partitioning while keeping/or gaining lean mass while losing fat mass.

        And goal 2.... to gain mass, strength, and hit new PR's.

        Plan: Have some simple carbs and protein and hour or so before training to provide extra energy and to stop/reduce catabolic effects (losing mass).

        And number 3.... What Mr. Anthony says. Really even when shooting for new PR's I feel better and train better in a fasted state. Could be that I trained myself this way for so many years that its MY optimal. Find what fits your goals and how you feel and run with it.


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          If you burp too much during a workout you're timing your meals wrong.
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            Carb the fuck up, bro. Be fueled all the time.


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              Originally posted by dazygyrl View Post
              i read about eating enough to fuel workouts. when do you do that? do you eat a bunch of protein/carbs an hour before working out...right before working out...after working out?
              There are no hard and fast rules. Some people workout fasted. Some eat before and at varying times. You're going to have to find out what works best for you.
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                Mark himself will often workout fasted and then not eat afterwards for quite some time as well.

                His perspective: Post Workout Fasting | Mark's Daily Apple
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                  I can tell you what works for me. I've tested running on different types of food, right before a workout, a few hours before, the night before, etc. What works best for me is a high carb meal (I prefer white flour for races) at night (6-7pm)and then I will have that energy stored and feel it in my endurance until about 8am. That's what I did tonight for my race tomorrow morning and I will eat nothing until after I'm done running. No banana or anything (except coffee!) beforehand and I run competitively.


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                    Yep, fasted workouts for me too. Then my first meal 1-2 hours post workout.

                    I follow the IF protocol. 13:00 - 21:00 feeding window, 21:00 - 13:00 fasting. Training around 11:00.

                    Experiment and see what you like. First time I trained fasted was a disaster, got tired real quick, but after that hurdle, I find energy and strength are way better now, than the CW of eating then training (for me personally).

                    Good luck.

                    Edit: no carbs in my diet apart from lots of salad and moderate fruit... Couple of glasses of Kefir (don't know if that counts as carb?).

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                      Also typically fasted or at least several hours after eating. I just feel lighter, and absolutely ADORE the concept of not barfing a little in my mouth. Then I give my autonomic nervous system time to settle, usually an hour, so I can digest well.
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                        Depends on you. I have always worked out in a fasted state, I function best on an empty stomach, whereas others will faint without carbs.
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                          thank you. i like to hear what work for others.