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IF'ing for women - stressing the body?

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  • IF'ing for women - stressing the body?

    So, I contacted a naturopath a while ago for advice on how to heal my gut properly. My gut was actually doing pretty good, and I was having some nice poops every day at the same time of the day (yea!).
    She recommended that I started eating breakfast, because skipping it would stress my already stressed body.
    Breakfast doesnt feel natural to me at all, I can't stomach food in the morning, but I managed to start with a cup of chicken broth, and then increasing it to chicken broth, 2 eggs and a handful of berries.
    But since I started eating it my poops has gone to shit again. Diarrhea 5 times in the morning before going off to school
    I also started supplementing magnesium, about 150-300mg, but I stopped a few days later, when diarrhea started, but now several weeks later, the horrible poops hasnt gone away...
    She also recommended a high dose of probiotics, and fish oil, which I've started taking a few weeks ago, but bad poops started before these.

    Should I quit the breakfast again? I don't wanna 'stress my already stressed body'. I'm trying to get well and have nice poops and feel well, and avoid wintherdepression. I sleep 9-10 hours every night, I try to walk atleast 20 minutes every day (not always outside tho, I walk alot on my school some days and it tires me out). I just got a lighttherapy lamp. Sorry I'm off track. I just wanna feel well, and be all healthy and stuff. I'm 22 and I've spent most of my life being sick.

    I don't have a diagnosis by the way, I don't know exactly what triggers my flare ups, but eating primal seems to keep it under control. Untill now!!

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    I believe in doing what feels right for you, no matter what the doctor says. I don't know that it would overstress your body, and it seems to me that eating breakfast early is more stressful than waiting.

    For myself, I prefer not to eat until later. It works for me to live this way.

    Yes, there is science that IF isn't good for women (you can find it in the GoKaleo blog) -- and it's worth reading.

    But honestly, if you feel better not having breakfast, I see no reason to force feed yourself.

    I can't speak to the rest (nutrients and stuff).


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      The poop thing is important. I would go back to what was working for that.

      If you get enough oily fish (salmon, sardines, etc.), you really don't need fish oil supplements. In addition, some people think that it's too easy for the fish oil in supplements to go rancid.

      We often know best what makes us feel good. If a doctor or other health practitioner makes a recommendation that makes you feel worse than you did before, in general, they've made a mistake. (There might be exceptions to this, but telling you to eat a meal that results in you having irregular bowel movements probably isn't one of the exceptions.)
      "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


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