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  • Hair falling out

    Hey guys,

    Been eating primal for the past three months or so. I know my diet needs improving but prior to starting to eat this way again my diet was atrocious, so it's definitely an improvement. I typically eat the following: Breakfast would be 5 eggs scrambled with a knob of butter. Coffee with coconut milk. Lunch is two tins of sardines in olive oil. Snack is a coffee with coconut milk and 25g of 85% dark chocolate. Dinner is onion, courgettes and coconut flour fried together in some ghee, with either bacon/chicken legs/steak. Snack later on would be something like 200g strawberries with approx 200/300ml of coconut milk, and 85% dark chocolate.

    So I've been eating this way for three months but over the past 3 weeks I've noticed that there's an awful lot more hair falling out in the shower than I've noticed before. And even afterwards when I dry it with a towel and comb it. It's kinda freaking me out, even to the point where I won't shower for a couple of days now (would always shower every morning). I've read that we can lose 100 hairs a day but I feel like I'm losing a lot more than that.

    What could it be? What can I do? There's no extra stress in my life and if anything, a year ago I would have been more stressed and didn't notice anything like this. I think I've lost some weight recently (to the point where people have commented on it) but I wouldn't have been overweight in the first place (6ft and 180lbs approx).

    Would appreciate any help...

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    You are entering the low carb to very low carb area. Some ppl reported hair loss because of this ... I don't know but is there a reason why you don't have potatoes and say white rice ? I understand if you choose to avoid those for specific reasons but otherwise, there is no need. Look into the Perfect Health Diet (Jaminet couple): it is mostly primal with "safe starches".


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      Thanks for the reply. I actually had some sweet potato over the past week (on two nights) since I stumbled across stuff online suggesting what you said (as in, low carb possibly causing this). White rice is something I totally have disregarded as I thought this was a no-go area when it comes to primal.

      If it is to do with eating low carb, how come I'm only seeing the effects now if I've been eating this way for three months? And if I was to up my carbs to higher levels when am I expected to see results? Not until another three months? Not sure if I'll have any hair left by that stage!


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        As I said I don't know, just suggesting that some ppl blamed low carb on this. I also heard that a wrong balance between iodine and selenium (like too much Se) can do this. It could also be unrelated to your diet ? What are the main changes in your daily environment lately ?


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          What are the main changes in your daily environment lately ?
          Nothing, genuinely nothing has changed. I could understand (a little bit, anyway) if all of this was happening 1 year+ ago but now? Nope, doesn't make sense to me.


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            That doesn't seem like a lot of food. Are you sure you're eating enough?
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              I think that namlesswonder has a point. Though I doubt that is a major contributing factor because you are not that low. And yes, it could take three months for a diet change to start making an impact. It could take a year to reduce your bodies accumulated PUFA. Looking at your average diet example, you are at around 25 grams or carbohydrates. That's pretty low. You know, there is no need to paint yourself into a corner when it comes to macro-nutrient distribution. There are days when I am VLC and others where I am VHC. It depends what is around. I've grown tired of the "you need to eat this much of this macro-nutrient, at this time" dogma. When you are hungry, just eat good whole food. Try to avoid the extremes - they are not likely right.
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                Pretty much all speculation but here ya go Low calorie, stress, and nutritional deficiencies are the top causes. The other cause could be that you just think your losing more hair. Read something about it somewhere and now your hyper sensitive to seeing it in the shower or on your comb. Happens frequently to med students learning about various disease processes as well. Just throwing that out there.
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                  It's not uncommon for a big change in diet to lead to a lot of hair falling out at once. I think the technical term is telogen effluvium - a lot of follicles entering the resting phase of their cycle all at once. It's not a disaster - it all grows back in the next cycle.