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questions on sprouts and feeling spaced out!!!

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  • questions on sprouts and feeling spaced out!!!

    helllo all! I am new here have just finished reading Mark's book but still have a couple of questions!

    I get that Pulses are out but what about sprouted pulses, does that change a thing, or sprouted grains?

    Also I completly cut out all grains, a few days ago, have upped my fat content, nut consumption, cream consumption to compensate for grain withdrawal. Feel great in the evening, but from morning to pm feel sort of slow and spaced out... Is that normal, thinking it might be due to fat intake partly??

    I am not really hungry as often as when grains were consumed but still feel like smth is missing!

    Also have started using my daily plate to monintor food intake, very interesting, as was not doing this before PB not sure what my count was, but now mortified at amount of calories and fat consuming! got to bring this down a bit.... Is there a place on the website that gives clearer guidelines on good bkfast/ lunch options for newbies? I am sure there is but am suffering from information overload

    many thanks

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    It's not due to fat intake. It's due to carb withdrawal. Cut back on carbs as much as you possibly can and you will get over the low-carb flu a lot faster. Nuts have carbs. Try to just cut carbs out completely for a week or so until you're over the hump.

    You do not need to bring down your calories. Calories are not the point. The point is to eat Primal food when you're hungry until you're satisfied (not stuffed) and then wait until you're hungry again to eat again. Simple.
    Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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      THANK YOU! I love how you refer to the feeling as carb flu! ok got it will try to cut carbs out for the week... quite nervous will give it best shot and let you know how it goes! thanks for taking the time to respond