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Severe sensitivity to gluten and milk or something else ?

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  • Severe sensitivity to gluten and milk or something else ?

    Hi guys I've been doing primal for about 4 months now and this past week I tried to put a few things "back in" I ate a cereal bar the other night and from that received very sharp abdominal pains all night and most of the next day. Obviously cereal bar's contain gluten and wheat however I got blood work from the doctor done about a month ago to see if I had a gluten allergy and it came back that I was fine. I also wanted to try heavy cream in my coffee and that made all my lower stomach bloat and made me feel like shit all day. Now I can seem to eat a good quality yoghurt and grass fed butter with no problems but anything that has milk in it is a no no. Again when I eat these foods I get acne round my mouth but I am trying to determine which food group it is causing it.

    So my question is.. is this normal or should I get more work done as again eating the cereal bar gave my very very bad sharp stomach pains ? Anyhow I will not be eating things like that again that's for sure !


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    What did the blood test involve?
    Just a test or fasting, then 3 tests about hour each apart with drinking a gluten liquid drink in between? (Similar to a glucose test)?
    Any other gluten test usually involves eating it again for x amount of months before sticking a camera into you to see if damage has been done to the intestines.


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      It was just a test no fasting etc. they took 3 viles of blood.

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        That many viles the doctors could have been testing for other things as well.
        You could always ask exactly what was tested for and if anything was at the low/high end of normal (slightly low/high May not be normal for you)


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          Why do you need a result from a blood test to tell you your body doesn't agree with milk or grains?

          Eat a cereal bar - feel like crap

          Eat yoghurt - feel fine

          Eat milk - feel like crap

          Why are you listening to the Doctor rather than your body?

          You don't have a "severe" sensitivity - you have a normal reaction similar to alot of us who eat grains after a break...


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            Because when you have excluded certain foods (grains, dairy) from your diet for some time (4 months) you give yourself intolerance to them. Your body is no longer able to digest them properly. Possibly it no longer produces the right digestive enzymes. It also affects the balance of your gut flora.


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              If you have not been eating wheat for a while, a blood test will not show anything. You have to be exposing yourself to the potential problem food in order for the antibodies to show up.
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                I agree with Reuben -- listen to your body. There's no need to do all of this testing. You're basically asking, "should I get a test to confirm whether I can REALLY eat this non-food or not?"

                Is it really worth all the trouble?
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                  The stomach pains could have been a coincidence.

                  Problems with wheat aren't made known by eating a little and then having stomach pains. Wheat has proteins that cause the tight junctions in your intestines to open allowing foreign proteins into your blood stream. You cannot feel this happening as stomach cramps.
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