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Hot versus cold showers?

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  • Hot versus cold showers?

    I've been pretty primal for about 10 months and doing only cold showers about 2 months back. I really like the wake-up affect and feel like it has helped my skin and hair.

    Recently, my wife has started giving me a hard time -- saying that I am not really getting clean unless I use hot water to remove the "dirty oils." I have a hard time imagining Grok taking hot showers.

    Am I just reading too much Timothy Ferriss? :-)

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    I tend to think we "evolved" to these things because they felt good. Grok didn't have access to hot showers. However, hot baths and showers have been around as long as we figured out how to do them. If you think cold is a benefit, take a hot shower for relaxation and cleaning, and then turn off the hot water for a few minutes at the end. It feels really good, and there are some that theorize that it has health benefits.
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      Everybody paints a different picture of Grok. My grok had access to hot springs.
      I love taking cold showers but it's fun to mix it up.
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        Unless you have excessively greasy skin, cold showers will do. I think you'll know best what is good for your skin. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore


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          I have no problem staying clean with cold showers

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