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  • Carrots?

    The only "starchy" vegetable I still eat are carrots, and I only like them whole, raw, and unpeeled. I get a 5 lb bag every two weeks, so I'm averaging 2.5 lbs of carrots a week. I have taken a new liking to leafy greens, and I get plenty of other good vegetables in my diet. Am I consuming too many carrots? Are the sugars/carbs something to worry about? I have also limited my consumption of fruit to 2 or 3 servings a day. Is it okay to still eat a few whole carrots a day? Do carrots even contain anything that I can't get from other sources?

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    Carrots aren't even starchy. I think they're very tasty and would eat them once in a while. But they're nothing special.
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      I know atkins folk and south beach folk used to freak about them because they have a high GI. But they are low cal so the glycemic load would be negligable. I eat them almost every day - it's not always easy to find orange veggies and I like to vary my colors!


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        wouldn't be beef bourguignon without em!


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          I LOVE carrots. They're one of my main veggies. I have a 5lb bag in the fridge right now myself.


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            I believe the vitamins in carrots can be more bio-available if they are cooked, so you might like to mix it up with some cooked occasionally. I like them slow-cooked in chunks, especially in a rich beefy stew. Delicious!

            I saw on TV some heirloom carrots in all sorts of colours - I'd love to grow some of those.