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Calorie counting websites???

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  • Calorie counting websites???

    I cant for the life of me remember the free calorie counting website that you can put recipes into and put the serving size into.

    It then brings up the calories and fat and fiber.

    Ugh anyone know???


  • #2 is a good one
    My story, My thought....

    It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


    • #3 is really good, purely because their food database is just huge... But paleotrack is better suited for us, because of the primal/paleo information feedback

      My PB & Workout Log
      My PB Journal


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        Cronometer for the win.
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          I like MyPlate - Food Diary & Food Calorie Counter | LIVESTRONG.COM. I think it can do that but I think you have to subscribe.
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            Myfitnesspal was the name of it thanks!!!!!

            Does the paleo one cost money?????

            Thanks everyone!!!!