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    Have any of you guys read the book; The Paleo Diet for Athletes?
    Does this book cover muscle building or just paleo for marathons, runners etc? If not, do you guys have any recommendations for other books that I could buy that covers this topic?

    Thanks in advance!

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    read Primal Blueprint, or Paleo Solution... There is also TONS of information on this forum. I would start by incorporating your favorite paleo carb source after workouts. I started with 50 grams of carbs from sweet potato after a workout to now i eat 80-90 grams of carbs after my morning workout and then another 50-80 grams at night. I also didn't reduce my fat intake as I need the calories. Start small and adjust from there... what is your height and weight? goals? dietary limitations?


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      Hi there,

      As Joe Friel is primary a Triathlon and cycling coach, book is aimed for endurance sports and aerobic performance. Nutrition information seems quite wide, covering e.g. type/source of key macronutrients like protein and why and when you should enjoy them (esp. in relation to endurance exercises), so generally usefull. But probably not THE book for muscle building..