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Will starting a new paelo diet give me the runs?

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  • Will starting a new paelo diet give me the runs?

    Just started the primal blueprint on Monday (it's Thursday now) I'm feeling fantastic! ...except... Today I started having diarhea. Is this normal? Will it go away after time?

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    Might help if you actually posted what you ate. In general, eating primal isn't going to give you the 'runs' unless you eat something this is spoiled.


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      If I've eaten what a many Primals consider a normal amount of carbs for a week or two and then go back to LC or VLC, I sometimes make extra trips to the can. I'm not sure if it's fewer carbs, or just any major change in macro percentages. It usually passes in a few days. Also, increasing my coconut oil intake can do it.

      Some people report getting constipated when they start Primal, so it might just be different guts reacting differently to different changes.
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        Its unlikely it has anything to do with primal. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore


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          suddenly upping fruit will do that to me.


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            Are you doing bulletproof coffee?
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              You've probably just picked up a bug at the wrong time... the only thing I can think off diet related is that you ate too much fat and don't have a gall-bladder. that might cause some issues.
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                When I made the transition, I never had what they call 'carb-flu', but I did have the runs for about a week. It all settled down after that. Then about 2 months later I fell of the wagon, and when I got back on track I had diarrehea for another week. Maybe you're the same?



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                  It could be gut bacteria die-off or an excess of fat that the body can't utilize yet. I got it, too, lasted a week or two. I think suddenly eating tons of fat after years of soda and noodles was quite a shock to my system! But now I can drink or eat all the fat I want and my body uses it all.
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                    I went VLC when I started primal and developed the runs big time. After almost a year I decided to add back potatoes, white rice etc and that helped, but I WISH that I hadn't done the VLC bit.

                    Things are much better now - over three years down the line - but I make sure to eat sauerkraut, kefir, ground chia seeds etc. My take now would be - primal doesn't have to mean low carb at all.

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                      Have you started using coconut oil, by any chance?
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