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Almond flour and eggs

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  • Almond flour and eggs

    As I slowly expand my range of PB foods I've looked into almond flour crackers and pizza crusts. The one thing I noticed is they all called for only the egg whites. Is there a darn good reason I could not just use the whole egg?

    Thanks for the input.

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    You should totally use the whole eggs. The whites are just glue and a marginal protein source; the yolk has all the actual nutrition.

    Check out "Primal Pancakes" in this article by Mark:

    Personally, I like to make them with coconut flour, when I can get it. I also grease the pan with coconut oil and top the finished pancakes with coconut oil and cinnamon. Good stuff.


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      with some recipes the yolk probably makes it a little big 'eggy' tasting to really mimic the non-primal thing you're trying to make, so that would be the reason for omitting it. You could try it with and see if it works. I think with many of these bready things it's more a case of making a primal substitute to satisfy a particular purpose or craving, rather than optimising nutrition.