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Wife not losing weight

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    If she is doing crossfit she has to be gaining more muscle. More importantly how does she feel. Is her body recomping? It's hard to do crossfit and not add muscle. My first week of primal I lost 7 lbs, then I started hitting the weights and gained 5 lbs. And it looks like all muscle. Haven't been this fit since high school.


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      Going Paleo is not a weight loss diet, it is a be healthy diet. Everyone is going to need something different from thier diet to get healthy and if you spend years underfeeding and abusing your body then it is going to take time for a new balance to be found.

      Forget loosing weight for now and work on eating enough healthy food. You cant do starvation with paleo foods and expect to get healthy and loose weight. From what I saw your wife is eating wayyyyyy too little food and no where near enough protein.

      Untill you have paleo dialed, say 6 months of eating a healthy diet and your body is used to a standard of plenty, dont skip meals or fast or work out a ton. Keep it basic keep it plentiful and walk a lot.

      After that, see where you are and maybe if everything else is dialed, start cutting out breakfast and eating with a compressed window.

      Folks come to paleo and then make the same mistakes that did not work all the other times they tried to diet. This aint a diet it is a lifestyle eating The human diet. Calorie restriction and such foolishness will not get you healthy, a crap ton of cardio and workouts will not burn fat. This we know which is why primal has the 10 rules.

      good luck.
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        1. 2 weeks isn't enough to notice significant weight loss. You can easily lose or gain a few pounds a day depending on what you do.
        2. Its calories that mainly matter. If you eat primal, and aren't eating less than your body needs, you won't lose weight. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore


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          I dropped 40 lbs in about 6 months. My wife went through a healing process, and dropped about 5 during that time, then 30 lbs in the next six months. Keep her eating good foods, which does not include veggie burgers.