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Help! Vegetarian daughter.

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  • Help! Vegetarian daughter.

    My 10 year old daughter has decided to become a vegetarian. She is still eating dairy & eggs. (Even tried explaining vegetarians that eat fish & sometimes chicken but got a no to that & eating ethically eg animals well treated & good lives)
    Does anyone know of where I can get well balanced recipes not packed with grains & beans?

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    Don't worry too much, she will likely outgrow it. When I was 12/13 I went vegetarian... of course I had no idea what I was doing, it only lasted about 9 months.

    If she is eating dairy and eggs there are plenty of options. Mark has several posts on the subject and there's a number of members who are still.

    I suggest not being pushy and just let her have her decision for now.
    Also consider talking to her about humaneitarian eating (only consuming humanely raised food) maybe she will be more willing to eat meat?

    (On being a humaneitarian | Humaneitarian)

    Look for recipes for gluten-free vegetarians (another growing trend)


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      Beans are great.


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        Well, if you are into sabotage you can cook bacon alot:

        Why Bacon Is A Gateway To Meat For Vegetarians


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          When my daughter was 12 she decided to go vegetarian. I told her I'd support her IF and only IF she did her research and could tell me what a well-balanced diet would be. She actually did that, and I supported her. I made the regular dinner for the rest of the family, and she and I worked out what her protein substitute would be.

          About 10 months later she quit because "that steak just smells SO good!"

          Even though your daughter is only 10, you can make her partly responsible for ensuring she has all the nutrients she needs. I'm positive that there are vegetarian nutrition books out there for kids.


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            It's all good. It could be a phase that she'll grow out of, but meanwhile she can still eat a well-balanced diet if you help educate her on nutrition. For a long time last year, I was vegetarian mysełf because I got sick of meat. Greek yogurt was my go-to for protein.
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              As long as she's eating plenty of dairy and eggs for the time being, there's no worry. Red meat, heck even muscle meat in general, is honestly NOT required for longevity and health.
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                The Passionate Vegetarian by Crescent Dragonwagon. Get it from your library if possible, as it is HUGE.


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                  10? My kid don't get to pick their own foods till they are 18.


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                    Originally posted by statikcat View Post
                    Beans are great.
                    Sure.... as a third world protein source


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                      Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
                      Sure.... as a third world protein source
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                        Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
                        lol...glad someone's paying attention!


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                          Get a copy of " the Vegetarian myth" by Lierre Keith. read it. read it again. Then have a heart to heart talk with the kid about what she is doing and why she thinks she is doing it. Be prepared to explain how the world works to her.

                          Also if she wants to be Vegetarian then this is a great time for her to learn to cook and understand how food is made and where it comes from. I have met a lot of Veg*ns that have no, zip, zero, zilch idea where food actually comes from or how it is produced.

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                            If she's eating eggs and dairy still, buy her some good pastured eggs, lots of them. Coconut oil and olive oil should be staples. Oh, and of course cheese and small amounts of raw yoghurt (well, raw if you can get it).

                            Oh, and get her started on a fermented veggie habit early.
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                              Thankyou all for the ideas. I'm lucky that she will eat Greek yogurt & we have chickens so fresh eggs
                              I have always allowed my children options in what they eat as I want them to learn to eat healthy & make healthy choices.