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tips on uping Magnesium and TSH

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  • tips on uping Magnesium and TSH

    I've got my first bloodwork back today. I'm actually very happy with it. besides the inflamation marker everything is within normal ranges.
    There are two results on the low side that could be a bit higher.

    My magnesium is bordering the lower limit and my TSH is also on the lower side.

    Any tips on how to get them up?
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    What, specifically, is your TSH lab value? Thyroid labs are one of the most misunderstood labs out there, most doctors don't even understand them.

    For Magnesium, there is no downside to supplementing. You'll feel calmer, sleep better, be less prone to leg cramps. If you over-do, you'll get diarrhea, so just up your dosage incrementally until you get the results you want minus.
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