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How to get my metabolism going on paleo diet.?

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  • How to get my metabolism going on paleo diet.?

    So i have been eating primal/paleo for about 6 weeks now and i have lost some weight but most of it was the typical weight loss that you get when you part a diet. The first few pounds lost wasn't because i was eating less food on purpose but because i wasn't nearly as hungry all of the time! Anyway i am not seeing a steady decrease in weight. I don't have much to lose so that might be part of it but i would like to get rid of the last few pounds. I have seen a difference though in my body. It seems my body is starting to finally be a little more proportionate but there is still the access fat. I have been trying to the diet the best i can. I will admit though that i still have 1 soda a day but i am going to try to quit that soon. Other then that though i always eat primal other than this past week when i decided to have some fried rice and some gluten free chips (i blame my period!). Anyway i have read many things that i know i need to apply like more sleep, cross training, and the soda obviously needs to go but i think i have also read that sometimes you have to help your body get going on using fat as its energy source which in turn helps the fat burning. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? I am asking for primal/paleo answers only please. I know this diet isn't for everyone but its the one i am on so i don't want a debate to get started. Just a primal/paleo answer.


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    Do you track what you eat? I'm still relatively new to primal but when I started I had a tough time working out my macros. I have been recording everything I eat and drink on my fitness pall and I found it extremely helpful.
    My understanding is that if you want your body to use fat for energy source you have to cut on carbs and keep the intake below 100g. (I try to go not higher than 75 on rest days, but if I work out a lot I'm ok with a little more)
    If you have a high carb day then cut fat to minimum as your body will use carbs for energy while storing fat for later. It's specially difficult for us females - our bodies love to store fat (I 'm starting to doubt I will ever see my abs! - lol) Carbs are what our bodies prefer to use and any excess fat is always stored so you may also watch your calories. I don't mean any calorie restrictive diet but if you eat more than you burn you won't see any weight loss.
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      Hi Jessi1980,

      If you tell us a bit about yourself it'll help with answering your question.

      Eg. age, gender, height, weight, average activity per day/week. What and how much would you eat on an average day?
      If you're interested in my (very) occasional updates on how I'm working out and what I'm eating click here.

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      If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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        I think she told us all we need to know in the links in her signature.
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