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Omega 3 fatty acids are death

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  • Omega 3 fatty acids are death

    What's up with this?
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    Looks like a nut case.
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      Well I'm going to stop taking 10 grams of fish oil a day for sure haha. I don't think O3 are all it's cracked up to be.
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        I sort of agree in the sense that we need a certain amount but after that there is nothing good about any polyunsaturates, as they just tend to get squirreled away in tissues and are susceptible to peroxidation, unlike saturated and monounsaturated fats which go towards energy and repair. That author definitely looks a bit like a raging nutbar though.

        rphlslv, if you stop taking that fish oil you will also have to reduce your omega 6 hugely. Ratio is far more important than total amount. Total amount within the confines of a good ratio and a PUFA sufficiency is just my usual nitpicking.
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          Sounds like a nutcase to me. "Nutri-Spec" sounds like a nutcase with something to sell.

          Who are you gonna believe?


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            Somebody should alert the FDA to get all that DHA and ARA out of the baby formula, and all womens' breasts, since it's bad for our children!


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              His name is Guy. I don't trust anyone named "Guy". Get a more creative name. So boring.
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                Who would have thought that omega 6 which is anti-inflamitory would become inflamitory once we overdosed on it by digesting the modern western diet.

                The truth appears to be balance, not one against the other. Never forget that both are necessary... in the correct ratios.


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                  The article is by a chiropractor, which in my opinion, would not have the credentials or background to make such claims. I am not knocking chiropractors. I am just saying this is not their arena of expertise.


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                    Breast milk has DHA/EPA in it. Our brain flourishes with DHA. DHA/EPA are necessary for life. And, breast milk has EPA/DHA.

                    Polyunsaturated fats in the abundance and state they are in today are not good for us. Omega 3s on the other hand, even though polys, are good for us. Avoiding them is ignorant of observational evidence (see breast milk/human body composition). Not avoiding polyunsaturated fat is ignorant of observational evidence (see average American).

                    Most my fat is omega 3/coconut oil saturated fat.
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