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primal remedies for food poisoning

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  • primal remedies for food poisoning

    hey guys, last night i accidently undercooked my chicken and within an hour had food poisoning. I am feeling a little bette this afternoon but Im at bed rest and my head is killig me, and I got the runs (sorry haha)

    Anyway, CW usually advices the wholesaltines and ginger ale deal, so I'm at a pickle here because I'm feeling incredibly week and I know I need to eat something.

    I am fasting till around 6, which helps because I hae absolutely no appetite. But what shoukd eat when I know I need to eat? I was thinking about getting roasted nut butter, kombchq, maybe even bananas...foods thatt are easy to digest. ANd some whey protein because I'm not going to be able to stomach meat I dnt think.

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    also forgive the spelling here, i dont have my lasses or contacts in..


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      How about some chicken broth?


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        I'd advise against the whey protein. It can be hard on the gut. You might want to just "listen to your gut." When you break your fast you're bound to be "craving" something. As long as it's whole / real food, go for that.

        I managed to give myself food poisoning twice in the same week not too long ago (year I know... still haven't pinned down the culprit).

        A few things that might help (not sure how Primal all of them are, but they helped me get over it quickly).

        ->Fast: you're on the right track there...

        ->Probiotic: build your gut flora back up with some good quality probiotics. You could also go for high-quality fermented foods which would probably do the trick.

        ->Glutamine: OK, this really isn't all that Primal. But the glutamine seems to help the gut repair itself.

        For the headache, make sure you are hydrating. I've found that a pinch of Celtic sea salt in a big glass of water helps the process.

        Food poisoning sucks!! I wish you a speedy recovery.