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  • More blood work interpretation...questions

    I just got blood work done last week and, though I knew my cholesterol would go up, I thought my trigs would go down and they didn't. I'd like help interpreting them. I'll give a brief story, then results and some sample menus.

    My story - I started low carb, primal on January 18th of this year when I weighed more than 290 lbs. I had been gluten free and found some success but I still "felt" inflammed and my CRP level was considered high when I had it tested in March of 2012. I was more than 340 lbs a few years ago and am down to the 230's (50lbs lost since 1/18). I've fought weight my whole life and feel like I've finally found something that works.I bought a blood ketone and blood glucose monitor and measured daily in order to figure out what worked for my body to lose weight and feel good. I've always been an exerciser and currently am jogging 3-4 times a week (minimal 2-4 miles), swimming at least 1x per week (28 minutes) and then biking 1x per week. I've done a few sprint triathlons over the last few years also.

    I've been successful with this WOE as a way for me to lose weight...more successful than I've been with anything else (medifast, low carb, weight watchers, etc).

    On average I eat under 20-24 grams of carbs per day and those carbs come from veggies. I average about 62-68 grams of protein and about 110 grams of fat. My mornings consist of 3 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon with an espresso and HWC combination. I skip lunch and eat a dinner that consists of meat and broccoli (alternate with cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus). It's a boring meal plan, but it works for me..I think. blood results seem a little disappointing but maybe not.

    Chol - 221 (up from 129)
    HDL - 40 (up from 33)
    LDL - 162 (up from 86)
    TRIG - 96 (up from 75)

    CHOL/HDLC Ratio - 5.5
    Non HDL CHOL - 181

    Cardio CRP (R) - 4.2 (is this the same as C-Reactive Protein?...if so, it was 1.07)

    Glucose - 69
    Hemoglobin A1c - 5.4
    TSH - 1.49 (was .06)

    Am I eating too much fat? Too much saturated fat? I've always felt like my HDL should be higher since I don't drink or smoke and I exercise. On the CRP...I'm not sure what else to take out of my diet except the HWC and the eggs as I've removed all other dairy, grains, gluten, etc. Glucose seems pretty low...bad?

    TIA for any help. I'm not freaking out but I am a bit perplexed.

    ETA - I'm almost 5'11 and female (oops, forgot to mention that)
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    Those cholesterol numbers especially do tend to fluctuate while body recomposition is going on.

    CRP measures injury, infection, and inflammation. If you had the test done near some point of high intensity exercise or when you were sick or injured the number can be skewed. However, if not then yes yours is high. The test could be ran twice two weeks apart to find an average for more accurate assessment though.

    I wouldn't be concerned about your glucose and A1C is fine.

    I'd say as long as you are feeling well then you are in great shape. Keep up the good work! I might just suggest replaceing 1-2 of your cardio type exercises with a resistance based program every week. Doing this will help raise your HDL and improve lean mass retention as you continue to lose weight.


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      My total cholesterol, HDL and LDL went way up and stayed up since going paleo/primal three years ago. I did have another test on my LDL, which turned out to be the good LDL. So, my doctor thinks I am ok, even though technically I should be on statins according to medical standard.


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        Thank you both for your responses. Neckhammer, you mentioned that CRP might have been off due to high intensity exercise...I had run that morning a couple hours before blood work. Even though I'm slow (not sprinting, etc), could that have had an effect do you think? The CRP is the thing I'm having the most trouble with because I feel great on this WOE. I used to have costrocondritis (sp?) through my sternum and haven't had it in months. Neckhammer, I'm also working on your advise of resistance training...just dusted my kettle bell this weekend.

        Thanks also John...I appreciate hearing that I'm not the only one. I was starting to think everyone read my post and thought I was a crazy one.

        Thank you both again.


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          Yeah, a lot of things can tend to raise your acute inflammation levels. That is why just having it redone in a couple weeks could be your best option. If its vastly different on retest then you can probably attribute it to something you did that day or something other than your WOE.